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20 Excellent Dollar Store Home Decor Ideas

It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune for creating a beautiful living space. You won’t believe, but these 20 DIY dollar store home decor ideas are simply fantastic. Make your inexpensive items and see how people will line up at your doors to just take a sneak-peak of your DIY ideas.

1. DIY Knock-Off Mirror

DIY Knock-Off Mirror

You would have probably come across fancy mirrors at stores and would have desired to buy them for your home. But why spend hundreds of dollars on something that you can make yourself? This is a tutorial about the most excellent knock-off mirror. See here: thistlewoodfarms

2. DIY Flower Ball Bouquet

DIY Flower Ball Bouquet

Nothing could be more beautiful than this flower ball bouquet especially when it comes to decorating your living space. It is simple to make, eye-catching and gorgeous. Grab your supplies and give it less than an hour. This is how to make it: goodshomedesign

3. Letter Art with Thumb Tacks

Letter Art with Thumb Tacks

When we see letter arts at stores, we do enjoy their beauty a lot. But they are too overpriced sometimes, and we often end up avoiding the expense. However, here is a less expensive way to easily make the letter art exactly the way you’ve always wanted. See here: diyprojects

4. Most Amazing Bandana Pillows

Most Amazing Bandana Pillows

No other bandana pillow available on the market could be cheaper than the one we are sharing here. This bandana pillow is inexpensive and the cutest DIY project for your kid’s room. It is exciting and fun. See the instructions here and learn the necessary trivia to make it: heatherednest

5. Easy-to-make Fabric Covered Bins

Easy-to-make Fabric Covered Bins

If you love keeping your home clean and in an exceptionally neat order, you would admire these fabric covered bins. They are cool bins and are also affordable because they need minimal supplies for their creation. Create colorful and vibrant bins unlike the ones found anywhere else. See here: talesfromacottage

6. DIY Greenhouse Terrariums

DIY Greenhouse Terrariums

Terrariums are the most-sought-after items for spring decor. But because they are usually so expensive, it becomes quite difficult for most of us to spend such a big amount on a decorative item. Thus, this DIY greenhouse terrarium made up of your old picture frames is remarkable. Check this: ellaclaireinspired

7. DIY Awesome Dollar Store Home Decor Collection

DIY Awesome Dollar Store Home Decor Collection
You will be so obsessed with this unique collection of DIY projects that you will eventually end up trying all of them in a matter of days. They are all great for decorating your home in the most affordable way possible. You can pick any of these items, to begin with, see here: prakticideas

8. Mason Jar Candy Pedestals

Mason Jar Candy Pedestals

If you love squeezing in a little craftiness when and where you can, this Mason jar candy pedestal is your cup of tea. It will take maximum 15 minutes before your mason jars will be ready to pop in some candy or Easter eggs for display. See here: livingwellspendingless

9. DIY Dollar Store Jewelry Holder

DIY Dollar Store Jewelry Holder

Fantastic collection of dollar store crafts is here to let you style your living space in the most outstanding way possible. This particular DIY item requires very fewer materials to create pieces of decor. You can make this jewelry holder and be certain of having all your jewelry at one place while dressing up. See here: motanuhomedecorideas

10. Marvelous Picture Frame Luminaries

Marvelous Picture Frame Luminaries

This is one dollar store craft which is immensely personal and highly customizable. You can easily get all the supplies from a dollar store and won’t be paying a lot to finish the entire project. This is a significant project to create an attention-grabbing centerpiece. Check out: thatswhatchesaid


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