Christmas Mantel Decorating Concepts with Plaid & Shine

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

I am so thrilled to show you all my Christmas mantel newly decorated with Pastime Entrance hall style. You can locate all of this merchandise in your local Hobby Lobby shop or onlineBELOW…( This article is sponsored by Leisure activity Entrance hall. All point of views are mine!).

All of it started with this paper mache deer head that I literally discovered in Hobby Lobby this fall. As quickly as I saw him, I understood he was predestined to be flashed!


As well as glitter him I did!!!! I have.

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

this message revealing you the extremely simple and also secret glittering procedure.I make use of!!!! So easy therefore enjoyable! He absolutely MAKES my Christmas mantel in my opinion!I had this old garden gateway currently on my mantel. I just completely dry brushed it with some white paint.

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

like in this video clip.and also it actually simply leans on the mantel.Mr Magic put a eye-hook on the back of the deer head. So it’s actually hooked around a nail. And also I acquired this amazing wreath from Hobby Lobby to walk around the deer. I enjoy that the ribbon on the wreath suits.

the buffalo check eating room.That I just finished for Pastime Entrance hall! The wreath was one of the most costly of my purchases however with their sale … $60 as well as entirely worth it. Excellent wreaths are cash well invested … they will last you many, numerous, LOTS Christmas’s!!!Neglect most of the style in this image because it didn’t make the last fireplace cut. But I wanted to show you this. I have a concern with our fire place. I would realllllllllllllllly such as to speak with the 80’s builder about it.

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

it is soooooooooooo shallow. Like we have 5 inches to decorate on. HOW IS THAT ALSO POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME THAT LIKE BIG AND GAUDY STYLE??? And Also.

  1. there is no power on top of the mantel so it’s tough to run any lit garland. As well as also if there was, there is no room for garland..
  2. This year we attempted something various. I had Mr Magic actually staple the garland to the bottom of the mantel.

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We are calling that best. Stapling and duct insulation as well as going across fingers in your style is absolutely appropriate!

I purchased several hair of beads to hang under the mantel too.

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

The red beads aid to damage up all the white tile on the fireplace. They are very economical and also super happy!!!!

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush


As well as I beautified an affordable yard sales discover with some red berry picks from Pastime Lobby
Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush


I am encouraged that red berry choices such as this make all projects look cheery!!!
Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

This is just one of my favored points on the fireplace job. I got that gold indication at Leisure activity Entrance hall not even sure what to utilize it for? However an equipping owner as well as a blackboard seemed excellent!

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

I have a collection on old sleds so I utilized one beyond of the fireplace and also simply toenailed a plant item to the front of it.

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

Again, the buffalo check. I am semi-obsessed as well as may require a support team. Any person with me?

And there all of it is. I like it a lot!

Christmas Mantel Decor | Magic Brush

If you wish to hear me jabber about just how I chose these decorations in addition to provide you tips on YOUR mantel, you can watch this video listed below:.

Delighted Christmas decorating my good friends,.


This is a funded discussion created by me on part of Leisure activity Lobby. The viewpoints and also message are all mine.

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For more Xmas Decorating Ideas look into my.
Buffalo Check Tablescape.that cost me less than $100 as well very easy painted & & stenciled Happiness barnwood sign … Hey Pinterest addicts- check Christmas Mantel board.and also pin my Xmas Mantle pin!

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Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas | Magic Brush

And also I bought this outstanding wreath from Hobby Lobby to go around the deer. That I simply finished for Hobby Entrance hall! Excellent wreaths are cash well spent … they will certainly last you numerous, many, MANY Christmas’s!!!

Ignore neglect many the decor design this pic because due to the fact that didn’t make the final fireplace cut. I am convinced that red berry picks like this make all tasks look cheery!!!

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