Memorial Day Party to Remember

Memorial Day is a national day or remembrance as well as the unofficial kickoff of summer. Translation: party time! Whether you’re throwing a backyard bash or just chillin’ with some friends on your apartments patio, these items can help you hose a Memorial Day party to remember.

Red, White and Oh, So You

Memorial Day only comes once a year, so why not make the most of it? Show off your patriotic pride with splashes of red, white and blue decor on your walls, patio and in your yard.


Let’s Take It Outside

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that always ends in the backyard with someone spinning pinwheels or twirling a baton. Enjoy those patriotic moments in style with these comfortable furniture selections.


You Go, Grill

Who wants to be cooped up in a kitchen when you can grill delicious meals in the great outdoors? Our grill accessories can help you craft those delicious seared flavors we always associate with summer.


Light Up the Night

Your party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Extend the festivities into the wee hours with holiday-themed lighting that pays respect to Old Glory. Plus, find the perfect lantern, many of them less than $19.99.


A Feast-ive Occasion

Bless this country, bless this meat, now out of the way, ‘cuz it’s time to eat! The best part of any Memorial Day party is the food and drink, so make sure your holiday spread is memorable.


Did you throw a Memorial Day party that should go down in history? We’d love to see!

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Starting from Scratch or Semi-Homemade, DIY Curtain Projects You Can Totally Pull Off

Some people might consider curtains a luxury, others a necessity. If you think about the many benefits that curtains provide, I’d err on the side of necessity. Sure they make a great design statement in a room, but they also can give the illusion of larger windows, create privacy, block out hot summer sun, add a layer between cold winter drafts, and get a nursery ready for nap time. But not all styles, windows, and budgets are alike, so when it comes to curtains, don’t shy away from making them yourself, either completely from scratch or with the help of existing materials. Here’s a roundup of project ideas to get you started…


Small Space. Big Style.

Four Ideas for Petite Patios

Whether you live in the middle of bustling city, are a 20-something in your first apartment, or just don’t want to deal with a big backyard, there are a lot of ways to deck out a small patio with your signature style. Get inspired by these ideas that will add form and function to your outdoor space.

Purposeful Pieces

Make your outdoor area work for you by selecting furniture pieces that do double (or triple!) duty. At the end of the day, you want your patio to allow you to do three things – relax, eat and socialize – and it’s easy to create spaces that do more than one.


A cozy reading nook can easily be turned into a spot for breakfast or coffee with a friend! Just add a small table and an extra chair to make the most of this space. Try adding lightweight accents that can easily be tucked away when you need a little more room on the table.


Flexible Furniture

If you have a small patio, you need furniture that’s flexible in more ways than one. For a quick table setup, try a folding table and chairs. But don’t worry – you don’t have to resort to boring pieces just to be practical. There are lots of whimsical options for folding furniture that will fit your style and space.


Your furniture can also do double duty. A cute end table that holds a candle or your favorite summer drink can easily play the part of extra chair when guests come over. This idea is stylish and space-saving!


Think Up…

Thinking horizontal? Think again. If you have a small patio, it’s important to take advantage of vertical space to make the most of your décor options. Lighting, plants and storage can be taken off the ground and put up in the air to give you more room.


Vertical planters are a great way to add plants to your patio or outdoor area. Wall or floor options can both work well, as long as they get your greenery off the ground. String lights are another great way to save patio space. They add ambiance and a festive touch to your outdoor oasis without adding bulk.


…And Down

Don’t forget the floor! Defining your outdoor space will help you take advantage of your small patio. Rugs help set boundaries and come in all shapes and sizes. Two small rugs could divide your tiny patio into two areas – one for eating and one for relaxing.


Rugs can also add a bold pop to a drab apartment balcony or patio. Try a bright pattern or a bright color. Or, if your furniture or accents are what you want to pop, try a clean, neutral rug that adds comfort to the space without overwhelming it.


We want to see how you’ve spruced up your small patio! Try out the tips above, then share your creations with us using #AtHomeFinds. 

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Inside a Gnome’s Mind


Nobody spends more time in the garden than us gnomes. Except for maybe mosquitoes, the pesky little buggers. We little folk know lots of ways to create an outdoor space that will make your friends green with envy. Well, don’t just stand there growing roots! Follow us into the garden and we’ll show you some  of our favorite little ways to make a big impact.


Enchanting Décor 

First things first, if your garden doesn’t have a few gnomes in it, you re missing out. Place a few of us in your garden to watch over your plants and bring good luck. While you’re at it, pick out a few other mystical flourishes for an enchanting area to make the wee ones feel right at home.


The View From Here

Creating a serene garden is a great way to relax and enjoy the fresh air. These charming décor suggestions will help you create a cozy & quirky outdoor space everyone will notice.


Yard Art

Garden accents should all about the green stuff: plants! From flower-friendly décor like planters and watering cans to over sized garden statues, every item should enhance the appearance of our sunlight-loving  superstars.



Night Lights 

Everyone knows that you big’uns can t see in the dark as well as us gnomes. Think about how to light up your garden at night after the fireflies have gone to bed. Hang a few stylish lanterns or consider lighting solutions like string lights or solar-powered path lights for dark areas and walkways.



Go with the Flow

A great way to add some ambiance to your garden is by using water fountains. Not only are these stylish selections easy on the eye, but the sound of trickling water soothes the nerves and attracts birds.


Welcome to Our Birdhouse

And speaking of out feathered friends, hang a few birdhouses in your backyard. Winged ones will love you for it. They’ll even help keep annoying insects under control. (Sorry, mosquitoes.)




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Get On the Plant Trend With These 10 Easy DIY Hanging Planters

(Image credit: Oh Joy!)

The plant parents of the world are all about taking good care of their green children, from “Watering Wednesdays” to giving each houseplant their own unique name. But why stop there? Why not give them some extra love by hand-making their home and giving them even more reason to thrive. Plus, who actually has an overflow of floor and shelf space to spare for your ever-growing collection?