Ultimate Halloween Checklist

If you’re looking for some haunting Halloween spirit, you gotta get a ghost. Or maybe two. Or three.



  1. Ghastly Ghost Inflatable
  2. Ghost Lady with Light Eyes
  3. Hanging Witch Ghost

Jack O Lantern

Is versatile décor the order of the day? Well, it’s time to use your gourd. Jack O’ Lanterns aren’t just for porches anymore. These grinning ghouls look great on mantels, on windowsills, in empty corners…


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  1. Large Light Up Pumpkin
  2. Black Orange Pumpkin
  3. Jack O Lantern with LED Candle 



Skeletons are iconic figure at Halloween. Go ahead, pick a bone, any bone.



  1. Chrome Gold Skeleton
  2. Skeleton Dog
  3. Ground-Breaking Skeleton



Lighting is essential to create a macabre mood. Hang string lights anywhere you need that eerie glow, or crate a mesmerizing display on your front lawn with a spinning light show.



  1. 10-Ct Spider String Lights
  2. Light Show Phantasm
  3. 20-Ct LED Lights


Orange & Black Décor

Forget all that talk about orange being the new black. At Halloween, both of these fall colors work together to create a backdrop that virtually screams out “trick-or- treat!



  1. Coir Pumpkin Doormat
  2. Glitter Bat Wreath
  3. Whirl-A-Motion Spider Inflatable
  4. Barry Boo Ghost Pillow
  5. Scenery LED Pillar
  6. Halloween Iron Tree


Pro-Tip: Scatter your favorite pieces from the above categories around the house for little pops of Halloween inspiration in every room, or arrange them in clusters to create a story.

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