Decorating Procrastination Salvation

Decoration Procrastination Salvation for Under $30

You just looked at the calendar, and October 31st is almost next weekend. The days have slipped away, and you have almost no time to get ready for Halloween and transform your house or porch for the trick-or-treaters”! That’s why we’ve assembled some of our favorite procrastination picks that make a big impact in your home, with very little effort.

Outdoor Ideas

Gone are the days of spending hours stringing lights through your bushes – instead try these projection light show solutions!



Lightshows Under $25

These little projectors work some big magic. Simply stick them in the ground, plug them in and watch the entire surface of your home light up with dancing skeletons, crawling spiders or a colorful pattern (watch this video to see it in action). This lightshow will wow the entire block with less than 5 minutes of effort on your part.


  1. Whirl-a-Motion Skeleton Light Show
  2. Fire and Ice Yard Light Show
  3. Whirl-a-Motion Colored Spider Light Show


Inflatables Under $30

With endless styles, sizes, characters and animations, this effortless outdoor décor will make your yard a Halloween wonderland. Just connect these guys to power to get them going!

More DIY Home Decor Ideas and Resources


  1. Enter If You Dare Inflatable
  2. Inflatable Darth Vader
  3. Witch Legs Inflatable


Indoor Ideas

Whether you need to decorate for a big party or just want your home to have a little Halloween flair, these décor ideas are fast, budget-friendly and frighteningly fun!



A Ghostly Glow for Under $20

A little lighting goes a long way. Create an eerie ambiance with unique, budget-friendly lighting options that double as décor. Bloody Edison bulbs create a spooky, throwback vibe, while a light-up ghost sign or skeleton candle can bring Halloween to life in your home for less.


  1. 10-count Bloody Edison Bulbs
  2. Ghost Letters Hanging Light
  3. Bleeding Skull Candle


Festive Accents for Under $15

Finish up your last-minute indoor décor with a few fun accents. Halloween caution tape adds creepy for less cash, while a smiling jack-o’-lantern (that you won’t have to carve) or a flying ghost will complete your Halloween scene.


  1. 100-ft Caution Tape
  2. Medium Light-Up Pumpkin
  3. Animated Flying Ghost


Fun with Fabric for Under $5

Good old fabric can easily set a spooky mood in your home! Black gauze cloth draped across your walls or a cute hanging ghost in the entryway can get your home Halloween-party ready. Try fun mesh to adorn buffets, coffee tables, mantels and more!


  1. Black Gauze Cloth
  2. Small Hanging Ghost
  3. Orange Halloween Mesh


BONUS: Costume Quick Fixes Under $6


Your home may be Halloween-ready now, but don’t forget your costume! Made for two-legged and four-legged creatures, these cute headbands, hats and masks all cost under $6 and are easy to throw together last minute. Plus, your pup will love showing off their Halloween style!


For You


  1. Unicorn Headband Kit
  2. Silver and Black Animal Mask
  3. Spider Web Witch Hat


For Fido


  1. Princess Leia Headband
  2. Tan Cowboy Hat
  3. Shark Hat


Whether you put together your Halloween home décor months or minutes before the big day, share your creepy casa with us using #AtHomeFinds.


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