Inside a Gnome’s Mind


Nobody spends more time in the garden than us gnomes. Except for maybe mosquitoes, the pesky little buggers. We little folk know lots of ways to create an outdoor space that will make your friends green with envy. Well, don’t just stand there growing roots! Follow us into the garden and we’ll show you some  of our favorite little ways to make a big impact.


Enchanting Décor 

First things first, if your garden doesn’t have a few gnomes in it, you re missing out. Place a few of us in your garden to watch over your plants and bring good luck. While you’re at it, pick out a few other mystical flourishes for an enchanting area to make the wee ones feel right at home.


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The View From Here

Creating a serene garden is a great way to relax and enjoy the fresh air. These charming décor suggestions will help you create a cozy & quirky outdoor space everyone will notice.


Yard Art

Garden accents should all about the green stuff: plants! From flower-friendly décor like planters and watering cans to over sized garden statues, every item should enhance the appearance of our sunlight-loving  superstars.



Night Lights 

Everyone knows that you big’uns can t see in the dark as well as us gnomes. Think about how to light up your garden at night after the fireflies have gone to bed. Hang a few stylish lanterns or consider lighting solutions like string lights or solar-powered path lights for dark areas and walkways.



Go with the Flow

A great way to add some ambiance to your garden is by using water fountains. Not only are these stylish selections easy on the eye, but the sound of trickling water soothes the nerves and attracts birds.


Welcome to Our Birdhouse

And speaking of out feathered friends, hang a few birdhouses in your backyard. Winged ones will love you for it. They’ll even help keep annoying insects under control. (Sorry, mosquitoes.)




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