Awesome Plumbing Pipe Furniture Designs

There is something magical about the furniture designs made with plumbing pipes and plumbing fittings that make them unexpectedly attractive – it may be the perfect geometrical shapes, the structural look or the rustic appeal. Try to make all of these from PVC pipes – they won’t look anywhere cool. People make vases, tables, chairs and even beds out of plumbing pipes but we think it’s lame – the best plumbing pipes home design ideas we’ve found are in decorative furniture such as small shelves, lighting fixtures and other smaller decor pieces. You may be only thinking about DYI-ing some plumbing pipes furniture … but they (the other folks) already got it going, on Etsy. The creativity on Etsy has been exploding, as it seems. People find talents they didn’t know they have. To be the best in plumbing pipe designs you got to be not just a handyman but also artistic, to beat the competition. And some creations are totally cool, cute and amusing, and some are actually very artsy and designer pieces like. You can find a really artistic piece that will make a great decor statement or you can find a fun object that will spark the conversation. Whichever you desire, there are hundreds to choose from. And they fit a few decor styles – industrial, rustic and eclectic. We’ve picked some designs that we find the best suitable to decorate with. For your inspiration…

Plumbing Pipe Lighting Fixtures

This Human Figure Lamp is a perfect interpretation – the Pipeman .

plumbing pipe lighting fixtures human figure 1 23 Awesome Plumbing Pipe Furniture Designs
plumbing pipe lighting fixtures human figure 1a 23 Awesome Plumbing Pipe Furniture Designs

A table lamp with the shadow lamp shade .


This dog figurine lamp can change its pose – the Pipedog .


This awesome robot table lamp is a pretty clever and fun design. Doesn’t it remind you of certain action movies?


A nice classic industrial style table lamp .


More DIY Home Decor Ideas and Resources

More of a romantic version of the industrial style table lamp.


Should we call this a Retro style industrial lamp ?


This gorgeous chandelier is perfect for an ultra modern space.


Look – these plumbing pipe chandeliers are not just for the industrial decor.


A nice lighting fixture to hang above the pool table. We like the refreshing look of the red pipes .


These are great for a bar. Exposed brick walls and exposed pipes – a perfect combo. They can be found here and here .


What an artsy design for a plumbing pipe wall sconce . It would look interesting in the urban loft kitchen.


For a stylish industrial look, this is a totally cool choice .


Plumbing Pipe Shelves

Cute design for a toilet paper holder . Would even work in a rustic cottage.


Or upgrade to an equally cute towel rack shelf .


A much better plumbing pipes bookshelf design – with the book ends!


A very clean pipe shelving design . Would work in the kitchen too.


Plumbing Pipe Furniture

The picture may not do justice but this is quite an artsy piece . Imagine it in a surfing beach bungalow or a ski chalet.


These dog bowl stands are fun.


Plumbing Pipe Decor

These wall signs are our favorite designs – beer and bath !


Someone should come up with the towel warmer version of this – that could be a great idea.


I would get this shelf with all the chachkies on it, as a nice decorative piece.


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