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45+ Small Kitchen Organization And DIY Storage Ideas – Cute DIY Projects

If you got bored of your old kitchen design or you want to simply add a fresh touch of color and liveliness to your kitchen, then you should know that you can easily do this on a budget, without having to overspend. Here you will find more than 40 unique kitchen organization and DIY storage ideas that you will come to love!

45+ Small Kitchen Organization And DIY Storage Ideas

1. Get Rid Of All The Household Clutter Creatively!

Get Rid Of All The Household Clutter Creatively

Household clutter is anything but a new thing, and every woman has dealt with unnecessary clutter at least once. Here are 15 creative ideas that will help you de-clutter your kitchen in a fancy, efficient and eco-friendly way!

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2. Unconventional Kitchen Storage Ideas

Unconventional Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you have a small kitchen and you find it virtually impossible to store all the cooking ingredients and the cookware, the these unconventional, chic and creative kitchen storage ideas will certainly come in handy. Just have a look and see for yourself!

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3. Practical Rid Racks

Practical Rid Racks

Storing your cookware lids can be very challenging, not to mention how noisy they are – the last thing you need is dropping them on the floor, cracking your kitchen tiles! Fortunately, this will never be the case with these great and practical lid racks that will definitely save you a lot of space and hassles.

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4. Cutting Board Rack

Cutting Board Rack

It is a known fact that the cutting board is the second most prolific environment for bacteria, after the dish washing sponge, this is why it is vital to store your cutting boards in a safe and hygienic manner. Here is an idea on how to make the best of your cutting board racks, without too much effort!

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5. Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Do you have a hard time storing the forks, knives and plates after washing them? If so, then here are several DIY ideas for the ultimate kitchen sink storage trays. Save some time and money – don’t buy ready-made trays when you can come up with your very own!

Project Details – familyhandyman

6. Decorative Spice Rack

Decorative Spice Rack

Storing all your spices and ingredients that you use on a daily basis in an efficient and visible manner can be a very challenging task. Do you always have a hard time finding the right spices? Are you tired of wasting valuable time going through all the ingredients until you find the one you need? Then here is a creative DIY decorative spice rack idea that will save you both time and hassles!

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7. De-Clutter Your Kitchen Counter

De-Clutter Your Kitchen Counter

It often happens that the kitchen counter is the first one to become cluttered with all sorts of unnecessary tools, utensils, ingredients and what not. If you want to have more space to prepare your cookie dough or you simply want your kitchen to be a bit more airy and spacious, then here are several ideas on how to de-clutter your kitchen counter.

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8. Contemporary Pantry Shelves

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding pantry shelves nowadays is that they are old-fashioned and no longer practical, thus being dispensable for a futuristic kitchen. Truth be told, you can give your current pantry shelves a contemporary makeover and make them look more modern than ever before! Here is how you do it!

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9. Organize Your Kitchen Drawer

Has it ever happened to you to realize that you simply do not have enough storage space in your kitchen, in spite of having tens of drawers – literally?! If so, then here are several unique and truly useful kitchen drawer organization ideas that you can use, so that you will never have to worry about the lack of space again!

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10. Homemade Kitchen Corner Drawers

Finding the right kitchen corner drawers for your kitchen can be a daunting task, especially since most of the time you have to order custom-made furniture – expensive furniture, for that matter! Here is a straightforward and time-effective tutorial on how to make your own homemade kitchen corner drawers, on a budget. Project Details – youtube

11. Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas

Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas

A picture can truly be worth a thousand words, and there is definitely no better example to support that quote than this photo right here! Have a look and get inspired – check out these cool, creative, functional and unconventional kitchen storage ideas.

Project Details – digsdigs

12. Plate Rack Storage

Plate Rack Storage

Be honest – how many plates have you broken, due to inadequate storage? You will never have to put your plates at risk every again, thanks to these super original plate rack storage ideas that will help you make the best of the existing kitchen space.

Project Details – thekitchn

13. Pantry Organization Ideas

Pantry Organization Ideas

It is spring cleaning time! Now is the time to review your kitchen pantry and to throw away the old ingredients, in order to make extra room for new ones. Here you will find some outstanding pantry organization ideas that you can use for your kitchen!

Project Details – momendeavors

14. Handy Measurement Conversion Chart

Handy Measurement Conversion Chart

Although this is not a kitchen storage idea per se, it is a truly useful and practical measurement conversion chart that will help you make sure you will never weigh the ingredients wrongly every again!

Project Details – infarrantlycreative

15. Make The Best Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Make The Best Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly the most important pieces of furniture in the entire kitchen, and they are certainly entitled to special treatment! Here is a great tutorial on how to make the best of your existing kitchen cabinets, and how to give them a fresh new look!

Project Details – bhg

16. Use Containers For Your Spoons And Forks!

Use Containers For Your Spoons And Forks

This is one of the best ideas you can use in order to store your forks, knives and spoons in a hygienic and efficient way – keep germs at bay with these fancy containers!

Project Details – simplebites

17. Remix Your Pantry!

Remix Your Pantry

This is yet another great idea that you can use if you have decided to redefine the look and functionality of your kitchen pantry, without spending a small fortune on new furniture or decorations.

Project Details – thehouseofsmiths

18. Free Printables For Your Storage Jars

Free Printables For Your Storage Jars

Are you tired of seeing the same old dull salt, sugar or cinnamon storage jars? If so, then here you will find several practical and efficient free printables that you can use, in order to make the jars more fashionable and worthy of a truly creative kitchen!

Project Details – thepaintedhive

19. Canned Food Organizer

Canned Food Organizer

If you are the type of woman who loves to prepare thoroughly for the cold winter season and make lots of jam and pickle jars, then this tutorial is specifically designed for you! Here is how you can efficiently organize your canned food, in a creative way!

Project Details – classyclutter

20. Reinvent Your Kitchen Pantry!

Reinvent Your Kitchen Pantry

Truth be told, you can redesign and reinvent your kitchen pantry in tens of different ways, but you will need to find the one that best matches both your preferences and the overall decor of your kitchen. Here is an outstanding pantry makeover idea that you might like! Project Details – classyclutter

21. Hidden Kitchen Organizer

Hidden Kitchen Organizer

Just as the name of this tutorial suggests, this is a simple DIY tutorial on how to make your own, discrete and space-effective hidden kitchen organizer, in no time!

Project Details – twotwentyone

22. Gift Wrap Station

Gift Wrap Station

Are you the type of person who loves to carefully wrap gifts and who, most likely, has tens of different gift wrap rolls? Do you have a hard time storing all of them without crushing or breaking them? Then here is a space-effective gift wrap station tutorial that will definitely help you!

Project Details – theavidappetite

Kitchen Organization And DIY Storage Ideas For Crafty And Practical Moms!

23. Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

Just when you thought nobody uses storage boxes anymore – surprise! They are coming a nice comeback, and they are definitely here to stay. Here is a great tutorial on how to take your kitchen organization to the next level, cost-effectively!

Project Details – manditremayne

24. Useful Tips And Hints On How To Organize Your Kitchen


Useful Tips And Hints On How To Organize Your Kitchen

This is a collection of useful and practical tips as well as life hacks that will help you exploit the available kitchen storage space to the maximum, without investing in any extra furniture.

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25. Practical Ways To Store More Things In Your Kitchen

Practical Ways To Store More Things In Your Kitchen

Storing all the kitchen appliances, cookware and all the other tools can be very challenging, especially if you have a modestly sized kitchen. Do not despair! Here are several practical ideas that will make you ask yourself: “How come I haven’t thought of this earlier?!”

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