50 Blue Cooking Area Design Ideas

# 1. Ocean-Inspired blue Cabinets.

Choose for deeper, modern tones of blue, like navy or dark vintage blue for a traditional take. Rough-cut wooden ceiling beams are ideal overhead. Hang a seascape view and nautical accents for a seaside theme evocative of the beautiful waters.

# 2. Comfort.

Dainty, pastel colors and pale tones of blue mix well with a white wall backdrop. The ideal cooking area environment!

# 3. Shine Through.

A blue lacquered surface includes a rich dimension and exceptional class to any kitchen. Whether on cabinets or floor to ceiling paint, you will absolutely enjoy it!

# 4. Tech Savvy.

Blue paint can be easily matched with contemporary stainless steel devices and modern benefits. Easily you achieve finest outcomes for high-tech cooking and casual dining.

# 5. Feel It.

Integrate various material and components that include texture, such as kitchen area stools with blue material cushion. You might too integrate decorative baskets, an elegant carpet, or paint wall surfaces blue. Don not forget that kitchen area cabinets can likewise come into play!

# 6. Hints of Blue in the Kitchen.

Subtle touches of blue can make a huge distinction. Change to a blue-tiled kitchen backsplash! Usage blue dining chairs, tableware, or merely position a fruit stand and frames in your choice of shade.

# 7. Modern Multiples.

An excellent color design isn’t that difficult to pull together, so do not limit yourself when it pertains to styling your kitchen and cabinets. Mix and match different shades of blue. Create a kitchen area customized to your own taste and your own unique personality.

Photo gallery with blue walls and variations.

Now, let’s dive in some great modern-day ideas for your kitchen area. You may desire to try other alternatives, too. Undoubtedly, some people choose just a couple of components of blue cooking area color while others desire variety and tones! Fore example a typical mix is a blue and white cooking area. The contrast between those two is remarkable which’s why is ideal! It creates a nautical environment, like the beloved Greek islands. Wouldn’t it be good to have home decoration like this? Have a look and decide!

Image Better Residences & & Gardens

blue and white kitchen

. Picture Patrick Cline. for.

A blue and white kitchen area everybody would be envious of. The details with the cooking area tiles here, are the ones that make the distinction.

modern design style with marble


marble material and wood at home


white walls and wooden ceiling with modern furniture

Picture Emily Henderson.

A light blue cooking area is another choice among many others. It includes brightness to that room of your home. Unlike dark shades, light blue kitchens appear more open, larger and less bold. If you like mild color tones, then this is the design you will enjoy..

unique sink decor

Idea Domino.

white sink and white cupboards

Source: helynno.

edison bulbs above counter

Image HGTV.

Another example of light blue kitchen! Who doesn’t like white and blue cooking areas?

More DIY Home Decor Ideas and Resources

blue kitchen design idea 9

Source Becki Owens. / Photography Lindsay Salazar.

blue kitchen design idea 10

Idea House Beautiful.

Choose white and blue cooking area ideas.

And also, it has its dark functions according to the blue shade you pick. This is not to say, however, that you can’t have a light blue combined with white. Blue and white kitchens are fantastic and we totally approve it.

blue kitchen design idea 11

blue kitchen design idea 1

Photo Jillian Harris.

blue kitchen design idea 13


blue kitchen design idea 14

Photograph Addison’s Wonderland.

blue kitchen design idea 15


light blue cabinets

Source MYDOMAINE. / Photography. Chris Patey.

blue kitchen design idea 17

blue kitchen design idea 18


blue kitchen design idea 19

Image Birmingham House & & Garden

blue kitchen design idea 20

. Idea

blue kitchen design idea 21


blue kitchen design idea 23

Image: .

blue kitchen design idea 24

Nicole Franzen. Source

blue kitchen design idea 25


blue kitchen design idea 26


decorative lamps and vases in white background

Photo thekitchn. Image The Lynden Lane. Source Best Friends For Icing.

blue kitchen design idea 28

/ Photography D Randolph Foulds. Image

blue kitchen design idea 29

At House in & Arkansas. Image

colorful room with rust flooring and wooden surfaces

Farrow & Ball. Image

blue kitchen design idea 34

Image Picture: VOGUE LIVING AU.

blue kitchen design idea 35


blue kitchen design idea 36

studio MCGEE. Picture

blue kitchen design idea 37


blue kitchen design idea 39

blue kitchen design idea 40

home of JADE. Image: BLAKES LONDON.

blue kitchen design idea 42


blue kitchen design idea 41

big pendant lights

Sustainable Kitchens. Image

blue kitchen design idea 44

Home Beautiful. Picture

blue kitchen design idea 45

BHG. Image

white cabinets and counter

Mary Mc Donald. Concept

blue kitchen design idea 46

blue tea cooking areas. Image

blue kitchen design idea 47

Emily Henderson. Photo

brown shelves and white culinary

donuts diapers and day dreams. Image

blue kitchen design idea 50


blue kitchen design 111


blue kitchen design 112

Vantage Style Studio. Concept

special prints on tiling

SAFRON & & POE. Image

blue kitchen design idea 111
blue kitchen design idea 38
Thom Filicia. Image

Becki Owens. Why you should consider blue kitchen walls.

The important things is, a blue cooking area isn’t almost the cabinets. Actually, you can have an excellent outcome by having blue cooking area walls too! You don’t have to worry about overdoing it! When it comes to blue in cooking area, there is no such thing as too much.

Having blue kitchen walls will light up the entire area, despite the shade of the color. You can also consist of some lamps or even better, gold pendant lights! In case you select a dark shade and still fret about the low light can be found in, attempt using a white light to simulate daylight. Voila, issue fixed! Does that noise like music to your ears? Well, it certainly does to us therefore numerous interior designers out there. So, do not be reluctant, bring that brush on and paint your kitchen walls in any blue shade you like!

When it comes to blue cooking area walls, below you can see some illuminating examples. Check them out and who knows, maybe your blue kitchen will not just be limited to having blue cabinets.


blue wall and open shelves
sfgirlbybay. Photo
blue kitchen wall and tiles
shelves with white cups and plates
white and blue kitchen wall
White Buffalo. These were some.

kitchen area. Hope you liked them! Have you got any other concepts related to blue colors in kitchen? Tags

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