Affordable Cabinet Makeover Ideas

There are a couple of actually great ways you can update your cabinets for fairly cheap. And who does not want upgraded cabinets? Here are a few ideas for you.


Paint your cabinets however don’t forget to paint the walls around them. If you opt for white cabinets, paint the walls around in a great accent color, to make them stand out.


Upgrade Molding.

You can buy new molding. or you can use a router set to include pieces with a profile that accents the profile that exists, and include to it. Both can look truly fantastic.


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Open Cabinets.

This. I like tidy cabinets, however I do not know if I would pass the test of not having any doors on!


Chalk Paint cabinet doors.

A lot you can do with. chalk paint! Paint the within your cabinets for a message board, or paint specific cabinet doors for menu, labels, and so on. Makeover4

Extremely enjoyable. Add Color Accent Pieces.

This is especially for those with open cabinets. Usage fun. color. meals, accents, teacups, etc to display your stuff! Makeover5

2-tone cabinets.

You do not need to paint them the very same. color! Paint your uppers one color, the decreases another, and you can even blend the color of your island, if you have one! Makeover6

Glass cabinet doors.

I actually like. this . It makes your kitchen look more open and spacey and also enables dishes to act as design! – not for the organizationally challenged, however hey. Really neat look. Makeover7

Change your hardware.

This. makes such a huuuuge distinction! I just know this! Huge bang for your buck! Makeover8

Distress the cabinets.

If you are tired of them,. beat them up! Or toss a brand-new color paint on them and beat them up! Really cool, shoddy trendy look if you paint them a muted blue or green or yellow and distress. Makeover9

Interior Drapes.

This is such a fun concept and can include GREAT DEALS OF color and decor to your kitchen. You’ll need to set up glass doors and then simply pick a. curtain if you have not currently. pattern that you love!



Get a little wild and imaginative with your cabinets and paint fun, vibrant. borders. around their edges! This not only looks terrific, but adds a sense of vigor that wasn’t there before! Makeover11

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