Basement Paint Colors Ideas

All set to take a look at the basement paint colors we chose to produce a warm and welcoming household space?

Up till this point, I have actually had a general idea of how I want the last area to look and feel, however I have actually been sluggish at nailing down particular options. Today, the trim work is being finished and the next action will be painting.

Drywall Stage of Basement Renovation - Selecting Paint Colors for a Bright and Welcoming Basement

Para Paints. a try for a little bit of a modification. I like how the big paint swatches are making it a lot simpler to compare colors. I can really get a sense of how the actual colour will look on the walls.

Basement Paint Colors.

Wall Colors.

For the main walls, I was looking for something in a lighter neutral (there’s just one little window) with a little a grey undertone. Cashmere (SR-13) seemed to be the color that read a bit grey but still kept a little warmth.

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Cashmere SR-13 from Para Paints - Sarah Richardson Paint Collection - Basement Paint Colors

For the TV wall, I decided to go with a deep grey colour. My hope is that it will blend much better with the TV and speakers so they are less of a focal point in the space.

Thunderstorm (SR-72) is a grey that changes depending on the light, from grey to green to blue. I believe it’s the perfect complement to the. grey quartz countertop. we’re planning on setting up in the. snack bar area. , as well as a few of the accents and artwork we intend on including to the room.

Sarah Richardson Paint Collection - Thunderstorm SR-72 by Para Paints - Basement Family Room Paint Colors

Trim, Doors and Ceiling Color.

For the shaker style trim, doors and ceiling, I selected.Snowfall (SR-29). I like the warmth it has without being too yellow.

Snowfall SR-29 Sarah Richardson Collection for Para Paints - Basement Trim and Ceiling Color

Obviously, the ceiling will remain in a flat surface, whereas the trim will be sprayed in semi-gloss.

Cabinet Color.

The. sandwich shop cabinets. we hacked using IKEA boxes and custom maple doors are going to be sprayed in.Shoreline (SR-43), a soft grey derived from the color of stone. I went back and forth on this choice between grey and white, however after seeing these. light grey cabinets. on Pinterest, I was able to make my decision. I believe a darker color will be better for wear and tear.

Shoreline SR-43 Sarah Richardson Collection for Para Paints - Basement Snack Bar Cabinets Paint Color

I’m crossing my fingers these basement paint colors work well together. There’s really only one way to discover, so I’m taking the leap of faith. I’ll let you understand how it enters a follow up post!

Our basement renovation is underway. Come see which paint colors we selected for our family room!

Basement Paint Color Breakdown.

  • Walls– Para Cashmere (SR-13)|Para Thunderstorm (SR-72).
  • Ceiling, Trim and Doors- Para Snowfall (SR-29).
  • Cabinets- Para Shoreline (SR-43).

Our Basement Renovation Progress Details - Family Room Paint Colors by Para - Satori Design for Living

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