Bedroom Design Ideas For Romantic Couples

The room is our refuge, the place where we retire at the end of our day, and the space where we get up every morning to start another day. The room is our boudoir, the room where we relax and read, we relax with the members of our family, and shut the noise of the world for a while. The way we decorate our room is essential because colors, fabrics and overall design affect our mood. Here is our gallery of over 50 inspiring bedroom design ideas to give you the inspiration to create transform your bedroom from a single room where you sleep to a comfortable safe haven.

1. Funky and Eclectic in Fur

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For a fun and funky look, try mixing two completely different materials when choosing bedroom sets. A standing night of a garage sale with a fake fur duvet, or hang a funky Art Nouveau sketch over the bed. Keep the colors bright and fun, and do not be afraid to add small unique items like the bright yellow skull depicted. Keep a vase of flowers next to the bed for vitality and a fresh aroma, and choose cushions in a variety of different but complementary styles. While some designers think that all rooms must have a uniform and symmetrical appearance, the most comfortable spaces are sometimes spaces with unique and funky contrasts.

2. Elegance in Black and White

Black is a color that is often underused in the bedroom decor, but it can add dignity and depth to the room. Black contrast detailing on the bed with a bright white carpet and white curtains. Another way to add depth to the darkroom is to design lighting fixtures that are also black. As in the picture, the chandelier on the ceiling and the bedside lamps at night have black shades, adding a dull but warm atmosphere at night. These bedroom colors can also be enhanced by adding a royal gold or silver tone as the accent color, perfect for wallpaper or slip covers. The black highlights of this room add a masculine tone while heavy brocade curtains and recessed ceiling lighting prevent this room from feeling too far away

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