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Building Furniture with Pipes Pipe – The Pros and Cons

Plumbing Pipe Desk

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Building furnishings with plumbing pipeline can make for a satisfying experience that leaves you feeling achieved and likewise with a truly special, custom furniture piece. You get to develop exactly what you want yet you don’t require to be a master woodworker to do so.

However, if this is your very first develop, and even if you have built pipe furniture in the past, it may be handy to know what remains in shop for you prior to beginning your next job. That’s why we assembled this short article to show you the pros and cons of structure with pipes pipe. We’ll go over the cost of utilizing pipes pipe and fittings versus other pipeline fittings and how easy or difficult each is to develop with. So let’s jump right into it:

Pros of Building with Plumbing Pipeline

Less costly than Other Pipe Fittings

As compared to other pipe fittings such as Kee Klamp , building with plumbing pipeline and fittings can be much cheaper. So if expense is a huge issue, plumbing pipe can be an excellent product to develop with.

For example, at the time of composing this article, a. plumbing flange fitting at Home Depot. for 1/2 pipe is $4.53. A. Kee Klamp Flange fitting. for the exact same size pipeline is $11.21. Another example, a. pipes 90 degree elbow fitting in the house Depot. for 1/2 pipeline is $1.73. A. Kee Klamp 90 Degree Elbow fitting. for the same size pipeline is $11.03.

Easily Accessible.

Plumbing Pipe at Home Depot

Pipes pipe and fittings are widely available and quickly accessible. Just run down to your local Home Depot or Lowes and they’re bound to have pipes pipeline and fittings. Image from.

Front Porch Ideas and More.

On the other end, Kee Klamp, and a lot of other pipe fittings, are not openly available at regional hardware stores. Significance, you need to buy it online and wait on it to be shipped to your home.

Not only is there additional wait time before you can start structure, there will more than likely be high shipping costs. Steel fittings and pipeline are pretty heavy and can sustain some high shipping costs.

If you desire to make a change to your job or forgot to buy something, you will once again require to purchase what you need online and wait for it to be delivered to you.

Cons of Structure with Pipes Pipeline.

Because pipes pipeline and fittings are threaded, this can make them more hard to construct and work with. You either require to get the precise size pipeline you require from the hardware shop or learn to cut and thread the pipe yourself, which will need unique tooling such as a pipe threading set. These sets can range in price from about $60 to $300+. Image from.

House Depot.

Plus, you will probably need additional tools and products such as oil for the blades on the threading wrench, a vise to hold the pipeline down, an air tool to burn out any metal scrapes, etc. You understand.

Nevermind, finding out how to use the devices, the time it takes to do so and any mistakes you may make along the method.

Threading the pipeline takes some time to solve, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can wind up threading the pipe too far. This will leave a thread showing in your pipes pipeline furnishings build which is less than desirable.

On top of that, when using pipes pipeline, making finer modifications and getting your job level can be tough.

Say for example, you are building a desk like the one listed below utilizing plumbing pipe. Each length of pipeline will require to be exactly the exact same length and threaded into the fittings the exact same total up to get the desk level. You also won’t have the ability to adjust the height of the desk after assembly nor will you have the ability to change the position of the support bar at the bottom of the desk.

Utilizing Kee Klamp fittings, you would be able to adjust the height of the desk slightly to ensure it is level and you could also adjust the position of the assistance bar nevertheless you like even after assembly.

Limited Selection of Fittings.

Considering that pipes pipeline fittings are constructed for simply that, pipes, there’s not a very wide selection of fittings for building. When browsing the selection of plumbing pipe fittings used from House Depot, I could find only 3 various types of fittings: a flange fitting, an elbow fitting, and a tee fitting. 3 fittings. That’s it.

Nevertheless, Kee Klamp fittings were created to be used to build all various sort of structures. There are a broad variety of different fittings to accommodate for developing almost any structure.


At Simplified Structure, we stock over 80 various kinds of fittings. That’s best 80 various fittings. That’s almost 27 times the choice of pipes pipeline fittings readily available to you at your local hardware shop. You can develop virtually any piece of pipeline furniture that you want.

Hopefully, this short article was valuable to you in choosing whether to use pipes pipe for your next furnishings construct. Let us understand in the comments listed below your experiences in structure with pipes pipe and if there are any pros or cons that we might have missed. If you do choose to utilize Kee Klamp fittings and pipe for your project, you will have another thing that pipes pipeline does not have going for it, free design support. At Simplified Building, we provide totally free design assistance for your project. Merely connect to our projects group.

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