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How to Redecorate a Table

This inadequate table had actually been begging for a makeover for ages. It was a wedding event existing from my mommy 21 years ago. There’s the claiming, If walls could chat, well, even better, would be, If THIS table can talk. It has actually made it through 4 kids with all their adhesive sticks, glitter, and magic pens, graffiti messages written in crayon, numerous spills and also watermarks, a few unintended nail weapon staples throughout Do It Yourself projects (ahem … ), as well as a lifetime of family members memories, dinners and also gatherings made around it. You all recognize me now, and also if I can try to bring elegance back to something, I will! I more than happy to show you today, my total labor of love,Just how to Redecorate a Table!. How to Refinish a Table

Right here is the depressing table prior to. It is a strong table that seats 8 with a leaf. It is made from rosewood, a tropical timber. The discolor on it though was extremely golden or orangey, similar to my oak floors and kitchen area cupboards. I have be sinking in a sea of orange. Yuck. I wanted a more natural, brighter table, yet wished to show the beauty of the rosewood grain. I determined to discolor the table top and also chair seats and also paint the table base, chair backs and legs in white.

Kitchen Table Before These are the items required to refinish as well as repaint a table:.

          • 3M Safety Products. ( Protective eye wear, protective ear wear, sanding respirator).
          • Rotary Sander and fining sand discs (60, 100, 150 grit).
          • 3M Advanced Abrasives. ( 120 grit and also an additional fine grit fining sand sponge).
          • ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape.
          • Spot (I utilized Minwax’s Weathered Oak).
          • Spray Polycrylic.
          • Guide (I utilized Rustoleum’s 2x Bonus Cover Primer in white).
          • Paint (I used Sherwin William’s Emerald latex, semigloss, in added white).
          • Sponge brushes (multiple dimensions).
          • Flat tipped, 1/2 inch artist paint brush.

3M Tekk Products Prepare yourself to begin sanding! To be honest, this is the fun component! Take the table outside or into a garage. This procedure is really messy. Additionally ensure you have the correct, protective eye wear as well as ear wear.I truly appreciated utilizing my brand-new rotary sander to remove away all the old discolor. It was far less complicated than I assumed it would be. When sanding, see to it you sand in the direct direction of the wood grain.

Centers had not been persuaded that my rotary sander would certainly do the task, so he went and purchased a big ‘ol belt sander for himself. Guy … children as well as their playthings … hmph … I sanded my side with the rotating sander as well as he took on the opposite side with the belt sander. Well, his side came out rough and also terrifying! My side came out constant and also smooth. Guess what? He needed to utilize MY SANDER to tidy up his side. Hee, hee, hee. Powerful and also huge is not constantly far better..Rotary Sanders vs. Belt sandersI didn’t believe fining sand down to the bare wood was necessary at all but he is instead Type-A when it comes to tasks that I involve him in. Beggars can not be choosers so if he desires to sand … allow the male sand.

My preferred tarnish color is Weather-beaten Oak by Minwax. I have actually utilized it on my. Pallet Shark Art. as well as my. Wine Crate Storage Box . It has a stunning driftwood quality look regarding it.

weathered oak stain I such as to make use of disposable and also low-cost foam brushes for this task. I applied the discolor, in the instructions of the grain, and allowed it to rest for about 20 mins. The deepness of shade was not what I wanted so I applied a 2nd, slim layer of tarnish and enabled that to rest for a couple of hrs till completely dry.

Weathered Oak Stains After staining the table top and also all the chair bases, I offered the stained areas, a number of layers of spray polycrylic as well as used my additional great grit fining sand sponge in between each layer. Always comply with the instructions on the back of the supplier’s can.

applying polycrylic

Sanding Below is where the this project begins to become a time sucker and also labor intensive. I did … as well as I paid for it in time as well as labor. I am such a quick-tempered person and also attempted to cheat by not topping my timber, but the existing stain hemorrhaged through the paint … after I had already repainted several chairs … grrrrr.


You can paint on the primer or make use of a spray guide. If you make use of a spray guide after that you MUST make certain you cover and secure the areas that you have actually tarnished. If you don’t such as brush strokes after that use a sponge brush for your painting. Driftwood stained table

Two Toned Furniture

On the whole, I’ve so satisfied with the results. The table is brighter and lighter, loaded with abundant texture as well as fascinating grain. It assimilates magnificently with my coastal design. Redecorating a table is absolutely not my location of proficiency, yet it is a beneficial financial investment of your effort and time if your table is of good high quality.

Two Toned Table - How to refinish a table


In this age of such materialism and also waste, I’m hoping that several of my Do It Yourself tasks are helping to teach my youngsters how to preserve, recycle, yet renew the things they currently have, so that they can be delighted in by generations to come.

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