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Farmhouse Sink Review – Pros & Cons

Farmhouse Sink Review
I am lastly doing a post that a few of you men have actually been waiting for so long. We got our farmhouse sink over a year ago & & a great deal of you have actually been asking me many questions given that we got it like if we like it, would we recommend getting one, which one did we get, & & a lot of more. Today I wished to create a benefits and drawbacks list about our farmhouse sink a year after we have had it. Sorry for making you wait, however I seem like I can provide more of a sincere informative review after a year of having it. I likewise got Jose to weigh in on this list since let’s be truthful, he uses it probably more than me. So here is a little info about our farmhouse sink [ or as some say, apron sink], some photos of what it appears like today, & & some pros & cons about having one …

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We acquired the Elkay fireclay farmhouse sink You can find the exact sink . It is the best & most inexpensive one we discovered. You can read more about fireclay [here] The farmhouse sink was one of our splurge items in our kitchen. Since our kitchen is so tiny it didn’t cost a great deal to re-do it so splurging on the farmhouse sink was a little bit more justifiable for us.

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Single Farmhouse Sink Review
Farmhouse sink Pros:

  • It’s quite much my preferred part of our kitchen area. It immediately offered our kitchen area that comfortable home farmhouse ambiance that I enjoy.
  • I enjoy how big the sink is that it’s a single sink. I wasn’t sure if I would like the single bowl sink just because I had constantly had a double, but I actually enjoy it & & have never ever wished we had a double sided sink. I hope to put a babe in it one day to wash.
  • I love how durable it is. I’m really hard on our sink & & I don’t like to invest much time on cooking area upkeep so this is the best sink. The sink is made from fireclay which is long lasting & & makes me not have to fret about scratching or cracking the sink at all.
  • A personal pro? My grandfather and bro installed it. That’s pretty unique. My sibling did get an injury while doing it [small, however unforgettable] so it’s very special to me & & makes me believe of them when I utilize it.

Farmhouse sink Cons:

  • Price. I suggest it was a $600 addition to our cooking area. It was a non-negotiable for me so we were going to get one anyways, however the rate did shock me in the beginning. I don’t regret spending that cash at all & & I would do it all over once again since I enjoy our sink a lot. $600 was about the finest deal that we discovered for the size we required. Ikea offers a farmhouse sink, however I have not had much experience with that one so you will have to do your own research.
  • Cleaning it. Rather of it being double sided so that there are 2 small sides to tidy separately there is now simply one big bowl to tidy. When food gets discarded into the sink it discovers the edges of the sink so I suggest getting a take down tube faucet & & constantly keeping among those sponges with the deals with around for a quick & & simple clean-up. I like the pull down faucet we obtained from Moen [here]. If I didn’t have it our sink would never be clean, but it truly helps get the food away from the edges of the sink & & down the drain. I would not endure without my pipe faucet. You have to kind of guide all of the nastiness down the drain so I suggest those tools or you may need to use your hands. & & that’s a huge nope in my book. I hope this post helps those that are picking whether a farmhouse sink is ideal for you. I truly enjoy ours & & wouldn’t change it regardless of the two cons that I have. They are totally worth it. Our kitchen area isn’t quite done yet, however I’m liking it the method it is even if it’s not quite finished. Do you have a farmhouse sink? Are you considering getting one? I would love to hear your thoughts on yours or your questions that you have about them! Let me understand in the remarks listed below, find me on

Farmhouse sink pros & cons - A MUST read before getting a farmhouse sink!
Farmhouse sink pros & cons - A MUST read before getting a farmhouse sink!
Farmhouse sink pros & cons - A MUST read before getting a farmhouse sink!
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Farmhouse sink pros & cons - A MUST read before getting a farmhouse sink!
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