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Guest Room Mini-Makeover!

This is what the room has looked like for the past 2 1/2+ years. No interest. No style. No good. Side note… What was I thinking hanging those tiny pictures on the wall?! The scale is 100% wrong. And can we please not talk about that unfortunate lamp that I purchased when I was in college {a LONG time ago}?

A few months ago, Sauder reached out to offer me a few pieces of furniture to spruce up a room of choice. I knew immediately that this was the nudge I needed to take some action in the guest room, so I selected some beautiful pieces and got to work.

We usually start our makeovers by painting, but because we wanted to accomplish this makeover in a weekend, we decided not to paint the room. It’s a neutral beige, which is not really my thing, but it works for now and keeping it saved us a ton of time and money. So, this makeover began with assembling our new Sauder furniture, which was very easy. We then switched up the bedding by adding a duvet that we purchased over 13 years ago, but were not actively using; it was literally gathering dust in our linen closet. I purchased some simple throw pillows to add a more luxurious feel to the bed. After adding the headboard and bedding, the room already looked 100% better.

It really is amazing how much a headboard can finish off a bedroom. Our guest bed is a platform bed that we made about 11 years ago–it’s made of a series of cubes that have canvas bins that slide in and out for storage. It’s a great piece, but it always looked unfinished without a headboard. The beautiful Shoal Creek Collection upholstered headboard we chose is perfect for this room. I love the tweed like pattern of the fabric and the contemporary tufting.

For storage, we chose two pieces from the Dakota Pass Collection. We placed the Dakota Pass Anywhere Console beside the bed, so it doubles as a bed side table. I love furniture that serves more than one purpose!

We placed the Dakota Pass Display Cabinet on the big, blank wall to help anchor the space and provide some stylish storage. I love the glass doors and use this piece to store clean blankets and towel for our guests. I hung some mirrors that we used to have hanging in our dining room above this piece and it looks beautiful!

I also pulled down my grandmother’s old blue chair from our attic to help anchor the corner of the room a bit. It’s like that chair was meant for this room and I am so happy to finally have a place to use it!

I purchased a new lamp for the console/bedside table. Finally, to address the lack of artwork in the room, I completed one of the easiest DIY home decor projects ever! I purchased some digital geometric bird images from Etsy and altered the colors of them in Photoshop to match the color palette of the room. I had them printed at Office Depot for $3.26 a piece and popped them into some large Ikea frames that were formerly hanging in our dining room, but that we were no longer using. Talk about inexpensive and high impact art. I just love how they look hanging above the bed. The scale is perfect and much, much better than those tiny prints I had hanging above the bed before, don’t you think?

That’s it, friends! In just one weekend we transformed our guest room from a sad boring space to an inviting retreat that we think our guests will love. I hope you are feeling inspired. Be sure to check out all of the awesome pieces in the Sauder Put Together Lookbook ! You can also find more inspiration on Sauder’s Pinterest page .


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