Filling Up The Apothecary Jar: Ideas and Inspiration

Apothecary jars are one of the most quaint and popular pieces of home decor. You can use them year-round for all seasons and create something special by just filling them up with fun, creative ideas. Of course, you can also use them to organize almost any room of the house. But what can you fill them with? Let’s take  a look at some unique, stylish ideas!

1. Fruit-filled.

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Bring in some of the beautiful vibrant colors of spring and summer but filling up those jars with all different kinds of fruits.  Set them out in the kitchen as a centerpiece or just to spruce up the island or counters.{found on darlingdarleen}.

2. Easter Eggs.

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When spring begins, it’s time to start decorating for Easter! Fill up your jars with candy that looks like Easter eggs! On the mantle, side tables or in the dining room, this is an easy way to decorate for this fun holiday.

3. Bathroom Soaps.

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Display your pretty, decorative soaps in some jars for the guest bathroom. It’s a good way to keep things organized and functional. And your guests will just have to grab one out of the jar in case they forget to bring their own.

4. Family Photos.

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For something unique, show off your family photos in the jars. The apothecaries look sophisticated and classy in any room and by adding the photos, you create a cozy, homey atmosphere. And this is perfect for year-round decor.{image credit mycolor}.

5. Christmas Scenes.

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For the holidays, creative some Christmas scenes inside your jars. Fill up the mantle or bay window with these makeshift “snow globe-esque” decorations. This will be a fun DIY project for the family and the kids will have a great time with it.

6. Summer Beaches.

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During the summer, bring in some of the beach! Fill the jar up with some sand and add some shells on top! This is another great idea for a fun family project. Get creative and use your DIY skills to decorate for summertime.{image credit mycolor}.

7. Sweet treats.

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Place some sweet treats in jars for when company comes over. This is perfect for a tea party, late brunch or even for when the kids come home and want a pick-me-up while they do their homework. Just make sure they look nice and aren’t crumbling inside the jar.

8. Halloween Fest.

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Dress up your jars for Halloween too. Fill them with plastic spiders for something creepy and crawly or just pour in some festive candy corns. This is perfect for the foyer, dining room or kitchen!

9. Craft Room Chaos.

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Use pretty apothecary jars to calm down the chaos in the craft room or office. Organize anything you’d like. Whether it’s fabric scarves or stickers, this is an easy, fun way to keep things neat, tidy and stylish.

10. Flower Centerpiece.

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Adorn your tables with something pretty! Fill your jars up with flowers (dried or fresh) for a feminine, fresh tablescape. Perfect for dinner parties or just simple, everyday decor.

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