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How To Transform Your Cooking Area With Paint

I finally finished painting my entire cooking area — walls, cabinets, and backsplash. It looks like a different kitchen! It was really affordable( about $200)., but included some work. It didn’t need much skill or muscle, just persistence and time. Take a look.

White and gray kitchen - kendall charcoal

Transform your kitchen with paint — before and after pictures

Here’s how I transformed and updated my cooking area with paint:.

best charcoal gray paint color benjamin moore kendall charcoal

The salmon wall was first on my list to paint when we moved in. I painted whatever else white, so I chose a dark charcoal gray would be a great contrast and assistance break things up.

painting kitchen cabinets before and after

The only thing I didn’t paint in the kitchen were the brown countertops, which would not be my top pick, however I can handle that. The charcoal wall and backsplash.( also Kendall Charcoal).complement them and sort of helps them fade into the background.

paint the cabinets

Cabinets painted white

I painted our dark restroom cabinets white. It took me around 7 or 8 hours over a few days to end up and I was pleased with the outcomes. Numerous months later, they have actually held up truly well.

The bathroom vanity was sort of a trial run for my bigger project– my kitchen cabinets.

I have actually desired to paint our dark kitchen cabinets white since we moved into our home. In fact it was sort pestering me every time I looked at them. You know when you understand how something should go, it’s simply a matter of getting there?

After painting in the bathroom, I purchased all the products for the kitchen, but they sat around for a couple of months. I was just worried to take the plunge. Then one night on a whim I took my new little sander and went all out. I knew when they were sanded, it would be far too late and I ‘d need to end up!

The kitchen area gets far more traffic and wear and tear than the restroom, so I made a few changes to my. previous process. :

A small sander to sand kitchen cabinets before painting

1. Sander.

I purchased a little, affordable sander so the enamel would adhere better.

Use vinegar and water to cut through grease on kitchen cabinets

2. Vinegar and water wash.

I took my time cleaning the cabinets well after I sanded them. I used vinegar combined with water to remove any additional grease or dirt off. If all the varnish is not cleaned off, it will permeate through the enamel and provide it a brown tinge.

Painting kichen cabinets with a roller

3. Roller.

I used a roller over big spaces to save time.

Polycrylic protective finish for kitchen cabinets and furniture

4. Protective finish.

I utilized three coats of polycrylic to seal the offer after the cabinets were painted white. I desired to utilize this additional safety measure versus my young boys ramming their Little Tikes automobile at top speed into them.

By the time I got done painting the cabinets white, I was sulking that I still had to do the clear coat on top. It went so much faster than the paint due to the fact that it’s texture is much thinner.

Make sure to get a water-based can polycrylic. I have actually heard over and over that the oil-based protective finish will yellow in time.

I still didn’t take the doors off this time around, and once again, I used an artist brush to navigate small crevices.

First coat of paint on kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets with the doors on

Here are updated directions for kitchen area cabinets:.

How to paint kitchen cabinets.

Tools needed:.

    • vinegar and water in spray bottle.
    • 4-6 3 high density foam roller.
    • little flat artists’ paintbrush.

DIY instructions to paint dark kitchen cabinets white

painting dark kitchen cabinets white - before and after

I utilized the entire gallon of Cabinet Coat on about 10 cabinets.( I washed room and kids’ bath while I was at it). And I didn’t even utilize.half the quart of polycrylic for the final coats.

I’m delighted with the outcome, however you should understand they are not factory-finish quality. That’s difficult. Even as tough as I attempted, after several coats of paint there are periodic brush strokes or smudges. I spent less than $100 dollars to paint them, so I’m okay with that.

paint the backsplash

Paint tile backsplash with oil based paint for an easy update

Paint tile backsplash for an big inexpensive change

Painting my backsplash was apparently a controversial move. I was notified at 2 paint shops that this is highly not advised.

Far it’s worked out terrific. Painting the backsplash the very same color as the wall assists it mix into the background. I would not recommend making your painted tile a centerpiece or accent color, even if it will not look the very same as tile and will flaunt any brush strokes.

How to paint a tile backsplash.

I painted the tile backsplash in a snap if I would have understood how simple it was I would have done it a long time ago!! Here’s what to do:.

  1. Eliminate outlet covers..I painted my own with the oil paint off to the side so they wouldn’t stand apart as much versus the dark backsplash.
  2. If your tiles have a shiny finish, sand.These were a stone texture so I avoided sanding.
  3. Tidy well.Make certain to get all the grease splatters and food off before you paint.
  4. Complete any missing out on grout.Ours had 3 holes where something had been hung. I cheated a used caulk since they were small.
  5. Tape off areas as required.
  6. Paint a minimum of 2 coats with an oil-based paint in your color of option. Replace outlet covers.

Paint tile backsplash with oil based paint

It was my very first time dealing with oil-based paint. It takes much longer to dry than water-based paint. Professionals recommend 16 hours before adding another coat.( I couldn’t wait that long though!).It’s stickier than the dickens as it starts to dry, so attempt not to get it all over your fingers or you’ll leave your mark on everything you touch. And once again, this satin dried a lot shinier than I expected. I wouldn’t have selected a shiny surface per se, but I actually truly like it.

How to paint a tile backsplash

How I transformed my kitchen with paint — Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Painting tile with oil paint

It’s not an appropriate scene in our kitchen area if there’s not some cheese, crackers, and white wine. He never makes anything the exact same way two times!

In summary.


Let me state first that painting the cabinets white entirely cheered up the area and my hubby and I like the change. I’m delighted I did it. Now having stated that, it took quite a bit of time and perseverance. Combining the cabinet paint and polycrylic surface, I painted about 6 coats on these suckers, front and back.

Paint cans for painting entire kitchen

My schedule was irregular and I worked whenever the young boys were asleep or deeply engaged in some truck activity, so I do not have a precise count of how numerous hours it took. It sort of took over my life for a couple weeks. It was worth the couple weeks of cooking area turmoil.

Gray and white kitchen with Ikea Duktig child's play kitchen

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