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How To Make A Chalkboard Menu For Parties Or Everyday Use

The versatility of chalkboard paint has been proven time after time with all sorts of ingenious and creative projects. The kitchen is one of the places where you can improvise in a lot of fun ways. For example, use chalkboard paint to create a surface on which you can write down recipes, grocery lists and all sorts of other things, including a menu. Speaking of which, a chalkboard menu could also be useful if you’re planning a party or a special event.

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If you want to make something for the kitchen, one of the options is to paint the side of a cabinet. Another idea could be to use chalkboard paint on a wall. In any case, the project would be very simple. Use painter’s tape to define the area you want painted. After that, simply apply two or three coats of paint, allowing it to dry between layers. You can then use a stencil and some white paint to add any details you want. {found on whipperberry}.

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In case you don’t want your chalkboard menu to occupy a big portion of the wall or cabinet, you can make a small one which you can hang somewhere. For such a project you could use a few pieces of scrap wood and some paint. Follow the instructions on cherishedbliss if you want to get that vintage look. You’ll first have to build the frame, paint or stain it and then add a piece of plywood which you’ll cover with chalkboard paint.

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Another cute design idea for a small chalkboard menu can be found on momtastic. To make a similar one you’re going to need a tray, platter or a cutting board with a decorative edge, some black chalkboard spray paint and painter’s tape. Clean the tray and let it dry, then tape off the edge and handles plus everything else you don’t want to cover with paint. Apply a few layers of chalkboard paint and then you can display your new menu board.

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We also found a really nice idea for a similar project on intimateweddings. In this case, the framed chalkboard was used as a wedding decoration but you could just as easily turn it into a menu which you can display on your kitchen wall. So here’s how the project goes. You need a frame from an old painting or something similar. After you remove the glass and back panel, you spray paint the frame. After the paint is dry, add the chalkboard backing.

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The versatility of wooden pallets can also be showcased with a chalkboard pallet menu. Making one is extremely simple. All you need for the project is some chalkboard paint. You might also need some sandpaper, depending on the state of the pallet. Basically you just have to paint it and let it dry.

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There are, of course, all sorts of variations of the simple designs we featured so far. For example, the project found on thesitsgirls uses repurposed coasters. It all starts with a simple frame which is painted and to which chalkboard backing is added. Then the fun part starts. Placed coasters on the chalkboard portion and make sure they’re evenly spaced. Glue them in place. Then use stencils to add the weekday symbols to each one.

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Making a framed chalkboard menu is not difficult. In fact, once you have the frame and chalkboard paint, everything else is a piece of cake. Of course, your job doesn’t stop there. You’ll also have to find a good place for the menu. You could hang it on a wall, next to a wall cabinet or above the backsplash.

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In some cases you don’t even need a frame for the chalkboard menu. If you can find a board that has the right size and shape, you can just apply two or three coats of chalkboard paint on it and that would be all. If you want, you can apply stickers on before painting the board. Then you remove them and the design is revealed. Instead of board, a canvas could also work. {found on anoregoncottage}.

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Not a fan of chalkboard paint? No worries. You can still get that look without having to use any. Check out the faux chalkboard menu featured on mejiamamma. The teal painted frame is definitely eye-catching but the interesting part is actually the way in which the menu is displayed inside it. Mini clothespins were glued on and they hold small paper notes on which the menu items were printed. A binder clip holds extra notes.

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A chalkboard menu is not only useful for the kitchen and everyday use but also for outdoor parties and events. For example, if you plan a housewarming party, you could have a chalkboard menu placed somewhere in plain sight so everyone knows what you’ll be serving. There’s no need to go overboard with this part. Just take a piece of plywood or a board and paint it. {found on designimprovised}

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If you want one of those menus you see outside vintage cafes, you could make one out of some scrap wood. You’d have to build the frame and then add the chalkboard portion. The great part about the project is that you can make this menu as big or as small as you want. You can even make a really tiny one for the kids. {found on miniaturepatisseriechef}.

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In case you want something completely different, you can use chalkboard paint on anything you can think of. For example, make a pumpkin menu for Halloween. The idea we found on hometalk can be applied in a lot of fun and creative ways. You could make all sorts of themed menus with unique and interesting designs.

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