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IHeart Organizing: Reader Room: Cooking Area Web Link Event Round-Up!

You all set a new record last month!  Almost 300 kitchen link ups!  WOW!  You kids were busy busy bees!  I am at a lost for words… and that never happens!  Way to go you guys, I bet many of you are sitting in happier, more organized kitchens, and loving every last minute of it!!

There is seriously nothing that you didn’t tackle when it came to organizing your kitchen spaces!  Here are some of the highlights from

last month’s linky celebration


Some of you organized your recipes, Kendall took the binder course as well as made them look oh so gorgeous at the same time!

And Angie went straight to the cupboard with a sweet and hidden recipe memo board!  So very darling!

You organized every nook, cranny and drawer.  I love that you lined the drawers to make them oh so happy, and acrylic organizers and knife blocks seriously make my heart do back-flips.  I am a nerd and I know it!

You arranged your seasonings also! I like this infant jar flavor storage space that Amy worked up! So clever!

And Christy built an entire cabinet from scratch to store her spices!  Seriously, you have to see it to believe it!

Speaking of cabinets, I love how y’all really maximize your kitchen storage space by tapping into the backs of your cabinets.  Mary created a hook system for her measuring items, I love the bright pop of color!

And Jade added organizers to the back of her cabinet doors, perfect for storing extra small items!

You labeled things.  Boy oh boy did you label.  Chalkboard labels continued to be a reoccuring theme, because they ROCK {just like you guys}.  Others took a different route when it came to getting crafty with labels.  I adore that Lauren printed these out onto Avery Clear Decals.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Chaney made her own labels using Illustrator and just adhered them with double sided tape.  So cuuuute!

I am gaga over everything Jo-Anna has done to organize her entire kitchen, you have to check out her post for all sorts of sweet tips! 

And Gaby’s super smart coffee station cured my caffeine headache just by ooohing and ahhhing over all it’s organized glory! 

Some of you took time to revisit how you are using your furniture, and gave some pieces new life, like Lora did with her beautiful hutch!

And many of you even made your fridges smile by giving them some love.  Jaime’s could be in a magazine, who knew a fridge could look so fab and have so much function at the same time?

And last but certainly not least, those swoon worthy pantries.  My oh my.  Pantries of all shapes and sizes and colors… sigh…

You lined the shelves with extremely lovely papers … I love heaven theme Stephanie contributed to her food storage, such a cohesive feeling!

Baskets and chalkboard labels, oh my!  How many times do you suppose Mel “accidentally” leaves her pantry wide open?

I bet the door of this pantry is left open frequently too…. I say, why even have a door?  Let’s all just stand in front of the pantry and drool…. and not because we are hungry….

It’s funny because for some of you, I just needed to hand out a monthly challenge to motivate your kitchen cleanups.  For others, it came down to a bag of chocolate chips…

I am so smitten that many of you grabbed a can of paint and painted your pantries and cabinets pretty splashes of color!  Isn’t the blue that Kaity went with just smashing? 

Jenny started from scratch and completely overhauled her pantry.  The end result is nothing short of AH-Mazing, functional, inspiring and organized all wrapped in one giant happy bow!


A bajillion THANKS to all of you that took time to tackle a kitchen project with me!  Whether big or small, they all make a difference in our day to day lives, so many kudos, high fives and happy jacks to all that participated.  It was one of my happiest days as a blogger to scour through all of the link-ups and read your stories of trials, errors and happy endings!

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