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Unless you are among the lucky ones (damn you!), your shower room has somewhere in between 25-60sq ft of flooring area. And while this doesn’t leave a load of space for ye olde bidet, there’s ALWAYS sufficient room for some serious WOW element!

A lot of small restroom short articles focus on making little areas look larger and also adding even more function– which are admirable topics. We’re concentrating on the FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC below people and one way to obtain freakin’ magnificent in a little bathroom is with.contrast.

prior to we get right into the excellent stuff.( I know you’re just using me for the photos).I intend to chat about comparison and how it can impact your tiny bathroom …

High Contrast vs Low Comparison

This picture shows a restroom with some high comparison details. The area might really feel a bit as well soft as well as refined to make an impact if you take away those darker items.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in a bathroom with white countertop, vanity, farmhouse bulbs, wood framed mirror. Kylie M E-design, online color consultant

High Comparison: One item is significantly various from the various other (in depth, appearance or colour).

  • Could make a space or item look smaller compared to it is (which is why I wear black undergarments).
  • Can be more formal than low comparison.
  • Can be dramatic.
  • Permits you to accent vital pieces/features.
  • Could be active looking.
  • Livens a space up.
  • Generally has even more ‘individuality’ than a reduced contrast space.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray in a bathroom with bamboo accents by Kylie M Interiors Online Color Consulting

The above image shows just how you could add comparison as well as texture with a constant theme.

This next photo reveals a reduced contrast washroom. Despite the fact that there are different sheen levels and items, the overall appearance is low impact and refined. INTEREST was added through pattern and also structure.

Bathroom remodel, Moen Glyde fixtures, Bianco Drift quartz countertop Caesarstone, subway tile wall, Gray painted vanity by Kylie M Interiors

Low Comparison: Things in an area have a comparable deepness and are comparable in colour.

  • Can make a room or items appear bigger compared to they really are (which is why I wear a white bra …).
  • Relaxing and also comforting.
  • Can occasionally be boring without a change in sheen degree, texture as well as subtle variants in tone.
  • A soft as well as subtle technique to embellishing as compared to high comparison.
  • Could be made MORE fascinating using pattern as well as texture.

Just what does this mean to you as well as your loo?

a) You recognize MEANS extra regarding the colour of my gonch then the typical individual and also …

b) If you have a tiny washroom as well as want a subtle look, you could favor a low comparison look. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some.influence as well as individuality then high contrast could be the way to go!

And while you all recognize I can talk CONSTANTLY on a topic, today I’m mosting likely to concentrate on making a small washroom look fab with high contrast …

3 Ways to obtain High Contrast in a Small Washroom ( without remodeling)

Small spaces can have fun also! Simply since you have a little restroom doesn’t indicate it has to appear, possibly uninteresting and also white to make sure that it ‘looks’ larger (btw … it’s not). Directly, I prefer to it be little with TERRIFIC individuality (like myself– wink, wink) compared to monotonous and STILL little.

Pointer # 1 Add Comparison with Paint Colour

Think about painting the wall surfaces a darker colour if you’re finding your shower room a little as well plain as well as dull. You might also include wainscoting to provide a real high contrast effect.

Dark room, bathroom with the best paint colour Dior Gray, Benjamin Moore. Clawfoot tub, porcelain tile floor. Kylie M E-design, color expert

Currently the intriguing thing is that in the above image, the paint colour (BM. Dior Gray. ) is low contrast with the flooring, but high comparison with the white and trim fixtures.

Idea # 2 Include Contrast/Change with a Design

You call them shower curtains, I call them shower room drapes. Exactly what this implies is that you would not hang a plastic translucent drape in your living-room would certainly you (or in the room, and if so, what’s your address)? Would you install it on a white plastic pole that has corrosion on it? Well, if you would certainly after that we ACTUALLY require to talk!

Exactly what I’m trying to say in my not-so passive-aggressive means is that the shower drape presents a FANTASTIC possibility to add individuality to your restroom!

bathroom countertop accessorized with only 1 item with some sheen to it that matches the sheen on the shower curtain

Just what can have been a boring little washroom currently makes me an attractive declaration with the enhancement of an enjoyable and also funky pattern.

A lot more ideas: The Ideal Method to Jazz Up Your Fibreglass Shower Surround.

You could likewise include low comparison rate of interest by layering the exact same neutral in various products/decor and altering the appearances too.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, porcelain greige subway tile, gray linen tower with bathroom decor and design by Kylie M Interiors

Tip # 3 Add Comparison with Accent Hues

You can include ‘short-term aesthetic interest’ using accents if you have D.A.D like me– Decorating Interest Condition. The major signs and symptom of DAD is the uncontrollable demand (and indeed it’s a demand) to transform things around on a bi-weekly, or allow’s be straightforward– everyday basis.

As time takes place, I locate myself repainting even more of my walls. neutral. as this gives me the versatility to change up my accents and also accessories without needing to go back to square one and also this shower room reveals a best instance of a neutral backdrop with versatility.

herringbone or chevron gray marble accent tile in small bathroom with corner shower feature wall. Kylie M interiors E-design

The majority of tiny restrooms could only manage 1 accent colour ( really, the same goes for large ones also). You’ll obtain even more visual impact out of 1 well-used colour than 2 over-used or competing ones.



The above shows photos of the very same shower room, with the accent colour pulled about. Approved it is NOT a tiny bathroom, but it’s the ideal concept!


Suggestions for adding an accent colour

  • Towels.
  • Soap.
  • Soap dispenser.
  • Artwork.
  • Shower Curtain.
  • Straightforward devices.
  • Flooring mat.
  • Baskets.

Among the best means to include colour AND appearance to your bathroom is with those rugs that go in front of the bathroom as well as around the bathroom seat lid …SAID NO ONE EVER! Absolutely nothing provides me the heebie-jeebies greater than mats in front of or ON a toilet, simply assuming of them makes my toes crinkle.OH THE HUMANKIND!

Indicate Contemplate re: Comparison.

  • If your wall surfaces are a darker colour,.your commode will ‘pop’ and also be high contrast just because it’s white! Nonetheless, your sink and also bathtub are most likely white too so it won’t watch out of area.
  • If you have. bone or almond components. it will have a similar, but a little softer impact.
  • If you have coloured washroom components (pink, blue, brown, purple) after that you rock and also can just maintain on keepin’ on.
  • The little things issue, so see to it your shower drape rod, towel bars as well as TP holder are all in the exact same finish.
  • Matte/flat coating paint in a dark colour on bathroom wall surfaces can show a lot more dampness, so if you do not have excellent air flow, make sure you utilize a HIGHLY wipeable paint or adhere to a lighter colour in an eggshell or satin sheen.

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