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With a new cupboard (check that outhereif you haven’t seen it yet), comes the possibility to do among my preferred jobs. Let’s say it with each other: re-org-a-nize. Ah, the thought brings joy to my heart.

Have I stated that I L-O-V-E Pinterest? Hm, believed so. Well, I grabbed this excellent storage space suggestion fromThe Painted Hivewhich not just looked great but it was relatively inexpensive to reproduce.

I followed her guidance and also grabbed a few SLOM containers from IKEA:one 17 oz,two 34 oz,two 61 oz, and alsoone container with stopperfor a grand total of $24 pre-tax. Not too worn-out


The Painted Hive’s guide includes making use of magic decal finishing paper which she resources from an Australian business and it was a little costly (try $14.90 for 3 sheets) … yikes! It appears like a wonderful product yet we weren’t ready to spend in the jars for that much just. We decided to make use of routine clear sticker label paper instead and just remembered that we would not be able to run the jars via the dishwashing machine as the ink would possibly come off. I’m practically a hand washing pro though, so I had not been too phased.

We discovered.Avery.clear, decal paper for $13.60. For 10 number of sheets, the rate had not been regrettable and now I have a supply of sticker label paper on-hand for the following random job that arises (with Pinterest, I’m sure it won’t be too long).

What I suched as best regarding The Painted Hive’s tutorial was the label style she produced. I intended to create a few extra food product tags and also use a somewhat different typeface (more of a typewriter look), so I decided to produce my own labels.

Based upon food we store, I decided to recreate The Painted Hive’s brown sugar and also flour labels, create somewhat altered powdered sugar as well as granulated sugar tags, and after that created new tags for oat meal and also olive oil. Feel complimentary to download the PDF of the tags listed below for your own food storage containers!.Download and install right here..

And hunch that I suckered in to applying the sticker labels?.


Alright, I don’t understand what it has to do with females, however they’re consumed with storage. I do not just indicate a place to save points, but I mean exactly how everything has to be trendy and also adorable in some means. It’s not sufficient to place something in a box or on a shelf behind a door; no, whatever needs to have some brilliant storage option, as well as rather honestly it drives me nuts.

So I capture Julie fawning over something on Pinterest and mistakenly asked, \”What’s.that.?” I hardly blinked before Julie threw my keys at me and shouted that we were going to IKEA. Um, OK, but she refused to tell me what for (which is a sure sign that it’s something that will require a lot of work… on my part). We finally get about halfway through the “Help Yourself” section (or whatever it’s called) when Julie points off in the distance and yells, “JARS!” At this point, I was a bit confused, as I had jars at home. No, apparently these were special.containers. They had a couple of various kinds which were all either $4 or $6. Originally, Julie picked all $6 containers, yet I encouraged her to choose a few of the $4 variety, including a container I promised would hold olive oil (an idea that made her eyes brighten almost as brilliantly as the day I suggested).

We after that scurried off to Office Depot trying to find a clear sticky paper to make the tags, but all we could locate was clear, which provided the tags a \”frozen\” look which was good, but not quite what we were searching for (which I like to assume is an antique chemistry lab appearance, but is possibly not the instance)


As I used the labels, I discovered that the moisture from my skin made the \”frosting\” scrub off the paper … which provided me an idea. I grabbed a moist paper and also a tidy sheet towel, as well as buffed away like I was offering suede shoes a mirror surface. After about 20 minutes of carefully cleaning the \”icing\” off, I had what looked like a sheet of packing tape.

The lower sugar label is the leading sugar as well as the frosted appearance label seeks my buffing work.

And also right here’s a shot to reveal the frozen paper versus unfrosted after applied on the jars.

Julie reduced an additional set and also printed of tags, and we finally achieved the look we were going for. I was paranoid concerning the ink abrading such a high-sheen surface area, so I only handled the tags by the extremely external edges, and we made use of Q-tips to push the air bubbles out.

I just never ever realized exactly how much sugar we have in this house.


Here’s the last line-up.

And a close up of our stunning new food storage option.

As well as below they remain in our spectacular brand-new kitchen.

I think I might have a new tag proclivity. Hmm … need to locate even more points to make Chris label stat.



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