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Kitchen Area Backsplash

We simply finished putting in a new kitchen area backsplash and I couldn’t like it more. We chose a combination of mainly Carrera marble in an arabesque pattern with a little twist on conventional subway tile laying it in a herringbone pattern behind the range. I smile each time I take a look at it.

I need to inform you, I believe tile backsplashes are one of the most ignored, yet one of the most essential components in a quite cooking area. About a year ago I decided that I might not manage my brown, outdated tile for even one more day in my kitchen area, so I painted it. You painting girls understand what I am discussing. When the urge hits you, you paint. The end.

We understood the painted tile was a temporary fix which we would ultimately change it out, however it made me feel 10 pounds lighter and a decade more youthful for a little while.

A few months back, we went out to the Tile Store Numerous pretty, pretty things to choose from. I was salivating at all the options.

We brought these 2 sample boards house and I requested individuals’s viewpoints on my Facebook page Please don’t inform my buddy Joanna Gaines . It looks so fantastic in each else’s homes, I just can’t do it all over in mine. Yet, I believed it might be great to have some train tile sommmmmmmmmmmmmmewhere in the job for resale purpuses, so we decided to put it in a focal location behind the range.

Brandon at Aristocrat Tile, among the Tile Shop installers, assisted us to determine this herringbone pattern for the focal location behind the stove. Now THAT pattern I was thrilled about … far more interesting laid in that pattern.

So we had and ordered the tile to get the old cooking area backsplash. What a mess.

And then I had the dazzling concept … … … … … we required a pot filler for behind the stove. I got in touch with Kohler .

Listen my pals, I love you enough to tell you this is NOT a project for the faint of heart. We worked with Manley Improvement to set up the pot filler for us. They had to basically run brand-new water lines under my cabinets and then cut a hole behind the stove to run the water out of. I like to Do It Yourself, but I don’t mess around with plumbing. Leave that service to the specialists.

After the plumbing was done, the lovely purple backboard went in. Ava desired to leave our kitchen area with the purple. She loved that.

And here is how that location turned out. Isn’t that pot filler stunning??????????????? You can order one similar to it at my affiliate link HERE . Thank you Kohler for making such a gorgeous product!!!

And then, it was around 1.27 hours before this occurred. For the love … …… I did ask my kiddos to take an image of me utilizing the pot filler so that you can see I actually cook as soon as a year. I was boiling eggs here. Lol. That’s as good as my cooking skills get.

I absolutely like the Carrera marble up versus our Silestone counter tops You can check out all the counter tops.

HERE and our gray cabinet change HERE . This pattern makes me so delighted each time I walk in the room. And let’s talk about the pattern for simply a minute. Yes, we’ll tire of it,

I will enjoy the heck out of it until then. Numerous of you KNOW what you like, but you stress about resale. Love what you chose. In retrospect, I wish we had actually believed at the beginning of our cooking area backsplash project about having our switch plates and outlets a little bit more concealed. Have you seen


this pin For those of you who are so kind to ask, that vintage farmhouse clock scale can be bought on my affiliate link ??? Genius. And that would have made this job so much easier for Brandon, our tile installer. Going around outlets with this arabesque pattern is no joke!

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