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A grand entryway deserves an intricate display screen. Garlands packed with ornaments and ribbons set the tone for rest of the house.

This large foyer required a striking focal point that sets the tone for the entire home. The grand staircase is bedecked with an equally impressive garland.
After when preparing his longtime customer’s Eastern Coast home for the yearly Christmas in St. Michael’s House Hour, Jamie Merida, owner of Abundant Interiors, a house shop and design studio in Easton, Maryland, was gotten to embellish her main Potomac home last year.

Our client absolutely likes Christmas; it’s her favorite thing. She has her grown kids living close-by and great deals of grandchildren. They all come over for the vacation, says Jamie. Her old decors were worn. She ‘d had them for many years and desired us to make your house look truly amazing. We get in 2 to 3 lots of vacation decorations in the shop every year, so we understood how to do it. Jamie and his vacation style partner, Paula Siedlarz, created a game strategy. The concept was no holds barred with the intent of tackling several areas inside and outside your home, layering vacation magic all over, while keeping the house’s distinct identity. I believe Christmas sings in a traditional house, states Jamie. The house remains in a Colonial Williamsburg style, with lots of fantastic architecture. It absolutely lends itself to decking out for Christmas.

This big foyer required a striking focal point that sets the tone for the entire house. The grand staircase is adorned with a similarly impressive garland.

Bejeweled Elegance

Christmas tree
The property owner, however, is not a huge fan of red and green when it concerns vacation designing, so Jamie and Paula had to develop fresh colorways. We went, instead, with silvers, golds, whites and natural greens, adding peachy pinks and robin’s- egg blues in the parlor to play off the existing design, he says, adding, The scheme is both traditional and elegant, a sort of restrained opulence.
foyer with stairway
One of the primary architectural features in the home is the expansive foyer hall and its grand staircase concluding the landings. The holiday embellishing tone needed to be set there, as the parlor and dining-room are also instantly noticeable upon entry into your home. We ran an intricate garland up the staircase. It’s thick and lit, encrusted with silvered balls and jeweled ornaments, says Jamie. The garland is extremely appealing from a range, and when viewed close up, it exposes a wide variety of goodies, like little sparkly birds or glittery nests with eggs. It ends up being everything about those tucked-in, hidden details. We applied the exact same idea to the big arrangement on the round hall table. It has a prelit main function, but is also layered with riches, includes Jamie. The home likewise has multiple fireplaces. Each mantel is decked with garlands filled with twinkling lights and accent ornaments, however each space’s mantel exudes its own flavor and identity. For instance, the dining room mantel has magnolia blooms intertwined in its garland, while the parlor’s mantel is shimmery and glittery, dripping with jeweled berries and gold dusted holly leaves.

Gold lights and abundant gold ribbons make the Christmas tree glow with vacation warmth.

The lighted garland on the banister is thick with ribbon and ornaments, a classy appearance that can be duplicated with a little effort Shimmer and Shine.

ur goal with the parlor’s tree was to make it look like a stunning piece of jewelry through comprehensive layering with silver and primarily gold vacation decorations. The technique is varying the various sizes, shapes and textures of the ornaments. The result is managed chaos and thick shimmer, includes Jamie.

Elegant dining room with christmas decorations
The living room tree has actually constantly held the unique accessories gave through the generations, so Jamie and Paula were respectful of this. They kept those, but included more ornaments in red and lots of white flocking. It’s a vacation custom for the homeowner and her daughter to wrap Christmas presents in unique papers with pretty bows. These enter into the vacation design under each of the trimmed Christmas trees.

When all is decked out and done, it’s difficult to picture that holiday designing by Bountiful Interiors will not end up being another yearly tradition for the property owner. It’s constantly great when you have a patron who enables you to be as imaginative as you desire to be, adds Jamie.

Small details, like this fiber bird and nest, are what make the lush decor of this home really work.
The dark wood table matches the woodwork in this sophisticated dining-room, but light carpet and walls keep the space from feeling overladen or heavy, even with the plentiful Christmas display screen.

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