Must-Haves for a Rocking New Year’s Eve Party

Get out your noisemakers and ice down the bubbly, New Year’s Eve is almost here! Instead of going out, why not host a party at home? We’ve got some great suggestions for a few essential items that will make your evening a hit.

Must-Have Color: Gold
Gold is an essential hue for every NYE party, from clothing to dinnerware to home accents. Whether you match it with black, white or darker shades, gold-colored décor brings a touch of elegance and signals to everyone that it’s time to get the party started!




  1. White & Gold Swirl Plate
  2. Gold Metal Bowl 
  3. Celebrate Plate 


Must-Have Hosting Item: Bar Cart

Bar carts are a welcome addition to any party. Not only can they be loaded up with everything your guests need to make their favorite cocktails, but they’re portable, too. It’s also fun to jazz them up with decorations like balloons, florals, or other accents.

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Be sure to have festive glassware on hand to ring in the new year with Champagne. Remember: a tinge of gold will make the evening special by adding a touch of sparkle.




  1. Gold Bubble Stem 
  2. Optic Champagne Glasses
  3. Gold Luster Flute Glass


Must-Have Beverage: Party Punch

Since it’s the last occasion to party for the year, your guests are surely going to be to thirsty. Mix up a tasty punch inside a dispenser so your guests can serve themselves. Our punch recipe below is kid-friendly, but be sure to keep a bottle of Champagne handy so grown-ups can top off their punch servings with a touch of bubbly.


  1. 64 oz. Gold Belly Pitcher 
  2. 2 Gallon Yorkshire Drink Dispenser with Stand
  3. 64 oz. Silver Belly Pitcher


Must-Have Tunes

The good vibes will be flowing, so be sure you’ve made a playlist to enhance the mood. It’s great to play hot radio hits, but make sure you pepper in a few songs about partying, and about New Year’s Eve in general. Here’s a sample of some of our faves.



Pro-Tip: Make a selfie station to help create unforgettable memories. Simply hang a sheet on the wall and decorate with balloons and cardboard cutouts of funny art or silly phrases.


Must-Have Party Favors

Of course, it wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve party without iconic party favors. Be sure to pick up lots of noisemakers and leave them out so your guests can get in the party mood. Cardboard hats and funky sunglasses emblazoned with “2017” are a few more must-haves your guests are going to be on the lookout for.


We hope you have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve! And as always, be sure to tag us with your best décor photos at #AtHomeFinds.

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