Our Favorite Storage Pieces

Get Organized! Must-Have Storage Solutions for 2017

January is here, and it’s time to get organized. As holiday memories warm our hearts well into winter, now is the perfect time to strategize for a successful year. Getting organized is the most important part of that process. In-house storage solutions can help free your space (and your mind) from stress-inducing clutter. This handpicked selection offers smart options for a variety of storage problems.

Double-Duty Storage

Get more out of your storage solutions by choosing options that serve dual purposes. These items help you wrangle your mess, but they’re also functional pieces of furniture.


  1. Davis Storage Ottoman 
  2. Natural Rush Storage Trunk
  3. Pine 5-Drawer Cabinet with Wheels


See-Through Storage

Ever store something away, then forget where you put it? It’s no fun to wrestle a box from a shelf and fumble with the lid just to find out that what you’re looking for isn’t even there in the first place. With clear or translucent boxes, it’s easy to know at a glance exactly what’s inside.

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  1. Stacking Drawer 51 Quart
  2. 3-Drawer Storage Cart with Wheels
  3. Under the Bed Storage with Buckle


Stylish Storage

If you’re going to store items out of sight, might as well make a fashionable statement while doing it. The following solutions keep your house organized and show off your stylish good taste too.


  1. Believe Art Trunk
  2. Nested Cow Print Trunk 17”
  3. Marble Print Storage Bin



Baskets are a great way to store items out in the open and make a visual impact at the same time. We love using them to store soft goods like linens and towels, but they’re diverse enough to hold just about any household item.

PRO-TIP: Use a smaller basket on your coffee table to help organize all your remotes.




  1. Lampakanay Wicker Basket
  2. Round Chunky Baskets
  3. Flat Bacbac Shelf Tote


Kid-Friendly Storage

And let’s not forget about some of our favorite clutter-makers…kids! You’re never too young to learn how to get organize, and these fun solutions are great ways to stow items like toys or games out of sight.

PRO-TIP: Hampers are great for storing clothes, but you can also use them as a catch-all for toys or other smaller, everyday items.




  1. 5-Drawer Activity Chest
  2. Sports Soft Hamper
  3. 12-Bin Toy Organizer


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