Kitchen Tiered Trays for Kitchen Area Storage

I’m still over the moon about it every time I open a drawer of cupboard. I know I’m a total geek about these kinds of things.

Well I had several questions via social media and email about the tray in the corner so I thought I’d share some more details about it today!

I purchased mine at Canadian Tire – they called it a 3-tier ornament tray and it was available only during their Christmas seasonal sales. Unfortunately it is discontinued now; but I’ve rounded up some similar two and three tiered trays in case you want to incorporate one into your own home.

They are great for kitchen organization, but work well in many rooms for seasonal or decor displays. I’d have to save it’s my favourite new decor find in a long time!

The top is layered with some super pretty pottery mugs that I found at the Real Canadian Superstore.

I couldn’t pass them up when I saw them – I know I’m trying to downsize and purge, but come on??See – that’s what I mean when I declare that I will never be a minimalist! But I definitely want to only have things that I truly love and/or use in our home and that’s what this journey is about.

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Below the mugs I’ve got some of my favourite loose teas in mason jars with chalkboard labels – these guys are from my local Dollorama. Truthfully, it’s not really a dollar store – it’s full of all kinds of items that are $2 or $3, not $1 – but they have great finds so I’m not going to complain.

I also have a couple of cute little galvanized bins for the rest of my bags and tins of loose leaf teas – these are on the middle and bottom shelves. The bottom shelf also has my new teapot {the best birthday present from my Mom and Dad} and favourite tea mug as well (with it’s built in infuser), plus my perfect tea spoon and tea bags for some brewing.

Can you tell I’m a bit of a loose tea fan these days?

I used to have all of this hidden away in our pantry but am reworking it and figured that a loose tea beverage station on my tiered tray is a much better way to go – I use it every day; often twice!

But tiered trays don’t have to be used only as tea stations… I had it set up as a hot chocolate station in our Christmas kitchen.

Here are some other cute examples of tiered trays used in the kitchen!

Via Two Twenty One

Via Dwellings by Devore

Via Kelly Elko

Via At Home with the Barkers

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