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Outside Christmas Decorations: We’re Going Green

With a house as basic and simple as our 1880s row house, I truly like to include something special each year to jazz up our exterior for the Christmas season. And in a historic town like Old Town Alexandria, inflatables and countless twinkle lights set to club Christmas rave music just won’t cut it (as much as Alex wish to convince me otherwise). Where does this leave me? This year my response is joyful decor, made with fresh greens and a little something extra.

In the title of this post I hinted that we’re going green this year. What do I indicate precisely? Well, if you’re thinking green as in eco or sustainable friendly, you’re partly proper. And going green is likewise a nod to my color scheme of option..

In terms of the environment, my vacation decors are made from scrap wood remaining from other jobs, in addition to yard clippings from a generous friend and next-door neighbor. This, integrated with my gorgeous celadon ribbon and sparkly joyful flower picks from a local craft store that can be recycled once again in future years, make me feel like I’m being eco mindful this year..

In my recent post about. developing a vacation table scape with a contemporary flare I discussed how varying your color combination from the traditional cranberry red and forest green can present a more contemporary want to your holiday decor. This year I set out to utilize natural greens, accented by a pop of blue-green, in a nod to our. brand-new front door color.

But sadly this didn’t work out as planned. (More on that in a minute.).

Where did I start? Provided the architecture of our house I knew the areas for enjoyable and interesting home flare would be below each of the three windows, on the 2 new french doors, and something unique in our cast iron urns. I had the idea to develop floral swags, for absence of a better term, along each window sill and hanging vertically down each french door.. When we purchased our, the process started. Christmas tree last week at Lowes . While the guy helping us was nicely tying up our tree, I asked if he would not mind me taking house a few of the disposed of branches from the ground. .

after all) so I grabbed an armload full and filled them into the back of our.


Continuing on in this vein of castoff collection for Christmas decors, I boldly asked a neighbor (who has an exceptionally substantial home and beautiful garden) if she minded if I cut a few clippings from the greens in her lawn. Not only did she offer up her boxwoods, however she informed me I would be doing her a favor! And on top of that, her garden enthusiasts were coming by in the next day or two to trim her magnolia tree and she offered to conserve the cuttings for me!

With greenery in hand, I asked my dear hubby if he might wrestle up some scrap wood in the basement, cutting five pieces for me– 3 for the windows and two for the doors to act as backers for the greens. He agreed, and simply a brief time later on I had my wood backers. While waiting on him to make it, I decided to tackle the primary step of objective decor: the urns. With the addition of a layer of magnolia, frasier fir and boxwood, our gradually withering warm weather plantings went from this

To this Considered that it took less than 10 minutes and expense definitely nothing, I ‘d state it certifies as a Christmas wonder. Returning back inside to find my wood pieces cut, with the addition of a drop cloth to corral the needles and mess, our reliable staple gun, flower wire, ribbon, and craft store devices, I was on my way. (More on the staple gun I utilized.



I started by organizing single magnolia leaves along the piece of wood, fanning them out in either instructions of the center point, and stapling them safely in location.

After the layer of magnolia leaves was complete, I included a layer of the cut frasier fir branches.

I included a sprig of boxwood on each side, as well as a blue-green bow and synthetic berries and acorns from Michael’s. Even Lulu appeared not impressed.

Firstly, the scale of the bow was way off, and the reality that it wasn’t wired ribbon left the bow limp and lifeless, sort of like a. well, you get the photo. And the berries? Likewise method too small in scale, in truth hardly obvious from a range. I desired so severely to have design that matched the front door that I neglected the little voice in my head at the store that informed me the ribbon would not work, and the floral choices I searched up form the already scavenged readily available selection was a no go. I need to have listened to that inner guide.

To say I was dejected is an understatement. I in fact contemplated tossing the entire thing in the garbage, stomping around, tossing a tantrum, rolling around on the flooring a bit, shouting I dislike uncle Jamie, and declaring it a Christmas opportunity stolen by the Grinch, but that wouldn’t be extremely green of me, and it is the holidays after all, so it was time for my heart to grow three sizes. The next day I hopped back in the automobile and braved the ludicrous shopping crowds as soon as again and ventured out to Michaels.

After searching the shop for anything that might work a bit much better I discovered one lonesome roll of intense green satin ribbon, which took place to be wired. I likewise found a selection of large bright green and somewhat– attempt I say– ugly flower choices that might just be insane sufficient to deal with my brand-new style of green. With materials in hand and a long checkout line ahead I decided to give it another go..

The result? This time, Wendilocks (yep, that’s me) stated it juuust right..

In fact, I love it. I was fretted the green shine would be too much, however when surrounded by the subtle natural greens, everything seems to cancel..

So I got to work on ending up the 2 other window sprays, as well as the two vertical swags for the french doors. One whatever was in place I wrapped a little flower wire around the back of each product I produced so that we would be able to hang them from the window sills.

Once the boodles were ready to go, Alex hung each of them utilizing the flower wire and 3M Command strips and hooks.


You’ll see they’re in dire need of a repair as well as the addition of custom-made storm windows if you look closely at the initial windows in our bed room. Maybe I’ll ask Santa for that for Christmas … however back to the task at hand.

The final result of my 2011 exterior Christmas decorating … drumroll please … looks something like this

And for excellent procedure, here’s a close up of the boodles on the french doors. You might notice that they’re a little various. I might declare that this was done to add visual interest, but in fact it was a pleased mishap, born from the truth I could not discover two matching large floral choices at Michael’s.. There you have it. I went green for the holidays this year, and all told, spent just about $25 for the finished item. (That’s not counting the turquoise ribbon and floral picks as they’ve now been earmarked as wrapping accoutrements.) Not too shoddy. What are your strategies to spruce up your house for the vacations? Are you utilizing non-traditional colors for your house? Wish to see what else we’re up to this holiday season? Take a look at our. steps to simple and fast mantel decoration our annual. Christmas tree traditions our. .

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