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How to Paint Kitchen Area Cabinets

So people here it is at last, I know some of you have been poking me to share the whole how to paint your cooking area cabinets process. Well, it took me practically as long to type each action out, as it in fact did to paint the cabinets,joking, but I’m so thrilled with the outcomes which I have pointed out over and over once again. Transforming your cooking area cabinets is soworth the labourif you are familiar with painting and a BENEFIT: it’s a substantial money saver! For under $200 you can just change your out-of-date cooking area into something you have long envisioned and dreamed!! From the beginning I had always thought that the only way our cabinets would get a makeover is if a professional were to do the job for us– kid was I incorrect! After pinteresting and googling cooking area cabinet remodelings, I began to feel confident adequate to tackle our own! I collected valuable information from many sources and combined it all into a step-by-step system that worked for me!

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a lot like painting a furniture piece, simply 1,000 times more prep and labor!!

In case you missed it, here’s. Our Cooking area Progress. post including some inspiration behind the over-all appearance of our kitchen area, and. Our Kitchen area Transformation. expose with prior to and !!

A Detailed Guide on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Now let’s get started … but first if you have kids, send them off to your parents for four-ish days before you try to paint your kitchen cabinets- I mean it, you have actually been cautioned!.


– 1 Can. Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Water-Based Primer.
– 1 Can. Benjamin Moore Advance.Paint in Pearl End up. –.we used Chlesea Gray.
– Cabinet Cleaner (make certain it’s compatible with Zinsser Primer or make up your own treatment).
– 1 Paint Brush
– 3x Foam Roller
– 3x Paint Tray
– Tack Fabric
– Scrubbing Sponges
– 120 Grit Sand Paper
– Frog Tape
– Drop Fabric/ Paper
– Wooden Blocks or Painter’s Pyramid
– Felt Bumpers.


I know it’s not all that bad and some individuals do prefer honey oak.over painted cabinets. In our home, I felt consumed by wood, there was simply to much of it and I was looking for some up-to-date modification!.Honey Oak Kitchen Before


DAY 1: PREP CABINETS ( the longest and most time consuming part)

Day 1 can likewise be broken into 2 days by getting rid of cabinet doors, drawers and hardware the night prior to so that you have lots of time to prep the cabinets correctly …

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets-.Get rid of all handles/knobs and shop in a zip lock bag PS. Look at all that gunk stuck on the cabinets, gross!

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets_-.Utilizing tape, label each door and drawer. I drew out our kitchen cabinet design on paper and numbered each cabinet/drawer to match my existing cooking area cabinets
-.Eliminate cabinet doors and hinges, store hinges in another ziplock bag if you prepare to recycle them
-.Move the rest of the drawer boxes ( where all your utensils, junk and etc. hang out) in a safe place, out of the way
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide-.Design all cabinets/ drawers in a location where you prepare to paint them. Make sure to cover the surface below cabinets/drawers with newspaper or a ground cloth How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide-.Use small wood blocks to raise cabinets/drawers from surface. ( another option is. Painter’s Pyramid. ). Since it was October when I painted mine, I had no choice however to paint them inside your home. I would recommend painting them throughout the mild spring months in the garage or in a place where you have lots of space and lots of ventilation
-.Eliminate whatever from your countertops and shop someplace far from your painting zone
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide-.Front both tidy and back of cabinets and the drawers,.Get rid of old felt bumpers from the backside This is EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL!!! If you want a very resilient and smooth surface, DO NOT avoid this action. I used a. TSP all purpose cleaner. to clean my cabinets, however if I were to do it over again I would make up my own homemade solution including meal soap, vinegar, Borax and water. If you check out the label on the Zinsser Guide, it recommends not to use TSP cleaner prior to priming with Zinsser. The reason is that there is something within the combining substance that keeps the guide from appropriately adhering to the surface you’re painting. After research study and luckily I did an extra, rinse, sand, and wipe, I have yet to see any issues-.PHEW!
-.Since I used the TSP cleaner, I did an extra step and cleaned the cabinet boxes/doors/drawers with soap and water after I utilized the TSP cleaner
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide-.Sanding time! Use a 120 grit of sandpaper. Begin by sanding the cabinet boxes first. Make certain to sand every corner and lip that will be painted. The trick is to sand the surface area enough to get rid of the shiny surface on the wood. Also, try to additional sand locations that will be touched the most aka where the hardware is located Move along to the drawers and cabinets..Care. If you’re painting the cabinets inside your house, I would highly advise carrying each cabinet/drawer outdoors to sand- another reason that spring is the best time to paint;-RRB- OR you can totally do it my method and sand indoors, which will cause vacuuming like 100 times!
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide-.Using a shop vacuum and cool attachment (even if you do sand outdoors), vacuum up any remaining dust in the creases of the cabinets
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets-.Clean the cabinets down with water, then dry and utilize a tack fabric to make certain you get every last dust particle!
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide-.Tape off floorings, walls, devices, inside of cabinets, hood vent or anywhere else that you do not desire any paint to reach.


How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide-.Starting with the cabinet boxes., start priming by cutting in with a paint brush then use a foam roller on those exposed easy-to-reach locations (exactly like painting a wall).Do not judge, the insides of my cabinets are a mess! LIKEWISE, can you inform why white would not have actually precisely worked, even though this is a plain (primer) white, it still would have a little clashed
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets-.Prime the BACK of cabinet doors and BACK of drawers initially. Using a paint brush paint inside the panels and roll the rest. Ensure to gently paint around the edges with the roller (you desire to paint to be applied perfectly).
WAIT A MINIMUM OF 2 drys relatively quickly, phew!
– Flip and prime the fronts of cabinets/drawers. With the drawers, I advise painting the SIDES the same time as you paint the FRONTS
– Now that the cabinet boxes are dry,
lightly sand and wipe any access dust with a tack fabric and after the cabinet doors/drawers are entirely dry do the very same to them for a ultra smooth finish!
Sanding a second time is not essential, but if you desire an ultra smooth finish, go all out!.


How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets-.Paint the cabinet boxes. Begin painting by cutting in with a paint brush then utilize a foam roller on those exposed easy-to-reach areas (the same method as priming).
-.Paint the BACK and SIDES of the cabinet doors and drawers.With the drawers, I recommend painting the SIDES the very same time as you paint the FRONTS
-.Paint a second coat onto the cabinet boxes after 4+ hours of drying time. By this time packages must be dry sufficient and you will formally be done painting them, CHARM!
-.Get rid of tape while the paint surface area is still slightly damp.
-.Paint a second coat on the BACK of cabinet doors and drawers. You will have had at least 5 hours of drying time.


-.Paint FRONT of cabinet doors, drawers and drawer sides.Let them dry for bulk of the day and after that give a second coat of paint!How To Paint Kitchen CabinetsHow To Paint Kitchen Cabinets_-13
-.Move home appliances back into place, and maybe tidy out your cabinets/ drawers if you’re feeling efficient … without the cabinet doors, my kitchen racks appeared like a disaster, yikes!!


Now that all of the painting is done and over with * phew * it’s time to put the cabinet drawers and doors back on
-.Start with the drawers first. Insert drawer storage and screw the face of each drawer back on, then include the hardware
-.Add the hinges.Screw the hinges onto the cabinet boxes very first (I started with the bottom and worked my method up).
-.Screw the cabinet doors back onto the hinges. ( starting from the bottom up).
-.Add hardware back onto cabinet doors and drawers. I utilized the old deals with for the cabinets doors however then I bought black cup pulls for the cabinet drawers- this absolutely makes our kitchen look tailored and complete! IT’S LOOKING GOOD BY NOW
-.Add felt bumpers to the cabinets and drawers. ( you would have eliminated the old ones prior to sanding and painting).

By following these actions, you can change your kitchen into a space with updated and character-worthy appeal!


How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step GuideHow To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-By-Step Guide


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