The Best Color For Your Kitchen Is…

While modern appliances and beautiful cabinetry will make waves in your kitchen, the colors you choose to design this space will have an impact on how you feel when you’re in in it and even whether or not your food looks appetizing! So before you pick up that paint brush, read below for the best paint color for kitchens.

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White is a color (or lack there of) that evokes freshness, cleanliness and happiness at home, perfect for kitchens. Warm hues like reds, yellows and oranges are popular choices for the “heart of the home,” but you may not know that these hues tend to stimulate appetite, an effect that not everyone may be thrilled about.

If white seems too sterile, think of it as a fantastic backdrop for lighting, accessories and art. Designer S.A. Jernigan says, “A white kitchen automatically injects crispness, regardless of what accent colors it’s paired with.” And similar to how chefs prefer to showcase their food on white dinnerware, a colorless kitchen will make your meals the stand-out feature.


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