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Who Else Wants A Dream Kitchen ?

There is something to be stated for day dreaming I think. I frequently have my best concepts whilst fantasizing in the shower, or taking a look at images on Pinterest and pondering for a while I like our kitchen area, it’s a terrific shape, and has everything that we need, however its starting to look a little tired, it was last renovated 8 years ago, when we first moved into the house. We are chatting about what modifications we would need to blend it up, and really making it out dream cooking area. I believe once you have done one kitchen area restoration, it certainly provides you more insight on what works and what does not.

When preparing your, here’s what we came up with to think about dream kitchen :

Cooking area Design

painted cupboards kitchen grey shaker style white subway tile

Whatever you choose to opt for modern or conventional, remember the light. Since a kitchen and its cabinets are so large, they can suck all of the natural light out of a kitchen area. Are there solutions to include more natural light, making doors and windows larger, or the paint choices and surfaces bouncing more light around?

Modern Kitchens can be matt or shiny, with the huge areas of uncluttered lines, this does help keep a kitchen area sensation tidy and hassle free and more extensive. A traditional kitchen area frequently has a more rustic appearance, typically welcoming more natural materials and being more detailed in its appearance, so enclosing the kitchen making it feel more cosy. Both of these appearances have there benefits, so take a look at your area, and think about what would work for you.

modern kitchen details in the paintwork


Choosing the ideal appliances for the area is necessary. If you have space, think about the more loud home appliances being in the utility room, I am believing washers and driers, but this might likewise indicate a freezer or white wine refrigerator perhaps. Ovens and hobs truly do come in several variations. Variety cookers are perfect for a more conventional feel, but I have my eye on a different appearance this time with a couple of built-in ovens, including a steam oven, Amica have a fantastic selection of these, with a ceramic hob.

In an absolute dream kitchen area I would also have 2 dishwashers, I as soon as utilized a cooking area with this set up, and believe me it was an incredible concept. Perfect for a busy household, and no more arguing about who discharges the dishwasher!

Finishing Touches

The Devil remains in the Information! The idiom "the devil is in the detail" refers to a catch or mysterious element hidden in the details, and derives from the earlier phrase "God is in the detail" .

I tend to treat my all my spaces similarly, and I add my personality in the information. Think artwork and another products that are on display. This is where you can actually follow a trend, that you understand will have headed out of style by the following year. Experiment with pops of colour, patterns and texture.

Think about open shelving to reveal off your collections, instead of hiding whatever away. Including plants, herbs or indoor flowering plants.

I would put paint colour in this section too. Colour can completely transform a space, my existing love is to mix darker inky colour with abundant warm metallics like copper. It’s a really specific appearance, that works well to include comfort to a modern-day or a tradition kitchen area. I like this look, and you can see below how Eye Swoon has utilized colour to wed a vintage and modern-day style together.


dark inky grey blue kitchen with metallic copper accents

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