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The 21 Coolest Things To Do With A Kitchen

Kitchens are often seen as an “investment” in one’s house. If you’re looking to sell, a relatively neutral (granite counters, stainless steel, etc.) kitchen will often make your property more attractive to potential buyers. But safe can be a little boring, don’t you think? Check out these 21 kitchens that took a risk. We’d definitely go for that pizza oven and wine wall, if we had the funds.

Keep It Minimal

Add A Pizza Oven

Hang A Parachute Soldier Light Fixture

Place It Under An Airplane Wing

Add Outdoor Seating

Or An Indoor/Outdoor Bar

Enclose It With A Glass Garage Door

Create A Pocket Library

Add A Pop-Up TV

Create A Giant Mural Over It

Giant. Chalkboard. Wall.

Have A Refrigerator Dedicated Solely To Beer

Paint It Black

Plant A Garden…On The Wall

Create A Wine Wall

Make It All About Sports

Add Under-Counter Lighting

Make Everyone Sit On Saddles

Turn It Into An Old-Timey Diner

Put A Couple Arcade Games Nearby

Make It Fit For Your ‘Top Chef’ Fantasies

Or, just make a few smaller changes.

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