Room Tour Reveal: The Master Bedroom

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Can you believe it’s already the middle of November?! Because of this recent realization, I’ve been working super hard behind the scenes this week to prep for my time off around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New […]

Bring Home the Black & White Trend

August 14, 2017 John 0

In an increasingly gray and complex world, the black-and-white look is refreshingly clean and simple. This dynamic color combo brings modern elegance to any room. Here are a few impactful ways to pull off this trending look.


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This black-and-white dining room set is equally classy and chic. The stark color scheme provides a timeless backdrop—perfect for parties or everyday meals.


  1. 70-in White Chagall Tablecloth – $14.99
  2. Pack of 4 Black Madison Napkins – $14.99
  3. 16-Piece Soft Square White Dinnerware Set– $29.99



We spend a third of our lives sleeping, making the bedroom the most-used room in the house. Infuse the cool, modern black-and-white look with mix-and-match rugs, bedding and furniture so you can rest easy.


  1. 8 x 10-ft Black & White Octagon Rug– $99.99
  2. White Marbled 2-Drawer Cabinet – $299.99
  3. Black & White Diamond 3-Piece Comforter Set, King- $69.99


Pro-Tip: Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to enhance the light in your black & white room. 



A black-and-white living room is sophisticated in a subtle way. Use a sleek black accent chair or ottoman to contrast against white lamps, pillows and throws.


  1. Cosmo Black Tuffted Round Ottoman – $229.99
  2. Ceramic White Lamp Stand – $29.99
  3. Black Icon Velvet Egg Chair – $229.99
  4. White End Table – $139.99
  5. Black & White Striped Saragon Accent Chair – $199.99
  6. White Studded Accent Pillow – $14.99


Pro-Tip: Don’t be afraid to accent your black & white look with pops of color. 

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Little girl’s bedroom furniture sets

July 30, 2017 John 0

Little girl’s bedroom furniture sets, Sharing is caring and nothing indicates more sharing, caring and teaching such as consulting your little girl on decorating her own heaven, her bedroom. The first steps of decorating a little girl’s bedroom would be painting and flooring and don’t need a lot of choosing effort, but picking the right little girl’s bedroom furniture set might be the tricky stage. This step needs consideration of your little girl’s flavor and life style, and the size of the bedroom.

Fortunately, numerous furniture sets shops have developed mesmerizing bedroom furniture sets specified for little girls. These girl’s bedroom furniture sets come in many colors especially concentrating on girly colors such as pink, pale violet and white; and with many designs such as the shapes of hearts and diamonds. Many little girl’s bedroom furniture sets also feature little girl’s favorite cartoon princesses and kittens to make the girl’s bedroom even more charming. These types of fancy furniture sets can be made of wood, metal or wicker.

Little girls’ bedroom furniture sets can be bought for really cheap prices when you know where to look. You can find discounted furniture sets when a line is going to be discontinued or having minor defects. Great deals on furniture sets are abundantly found online on different websites specialized for bargains or furniture. A lot of money can also be saved by sticking to the needs of your little girl rather than the extras.

A nice example of a little girl’s bedroom furniture set would be a set with a bed made of white wicker with matching dresser, nightstand and vanity. This can be further beautified by using pink, yellow or lilac bedding. Other than just attractive looks, modern little girl’s furniture sets are made to match functional bedroom needs of little girls. Due to compact living style, more than one girl might share a bedroom that is why bunk beds and transformable bedroom furniture are very trending these days.

Transformable little girl’s bedroom furniture sets can include a bed with a section that can be turned into a work space or a part of the wardrobe. Many girls’ beds still have the standard platform style but are supplied with shelves underneath them for usable storage space. Another idea for a little girl’s platform bed is having a sliding mattress underneath it in case of sleepovers. Further models of little girl’s bedroom furniture sets are indicated in the next photos.


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