Mid-Century Kitchen Design Ideas

Red and white, and other bold colors such as turquoise, are popular color schemes, and go well with vintage metal cabinets. When designing your kitchen, decide between pop’50s and cutting edge Modernism.

1940s Red & White

Real linoleum is Forbo's Marmoleum 'Bleeker Street' sheet flooring in red. Photo courtesy of Gross & Daley.

Real linoleum is Forbo’s Marmoleum ‘Bleeker Street’ sheet flooring in red.

Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned kitchen (or strawberry shortcake)? This one is in a 1926 Colonial Revival house, but recalls the late ’40s—inspired as it was by a collection of red-and-white vintage kitchenware. The kitchen had been remodeled in the 1970s, with a dropped acoustical-tile ceiling, sparkly Marlite and brown-and-gold vinyl wallcoverings, and dark cabinets. When that remodeling was pulled away, a 1950s version was underneath: blue linoleum and white metal cabinets. But a 1920s coal/wood stove (not shown) had remained stoic in its alcove, and built-in oak cabinets in the pantry were original.

Article source: http://www.oldhouseonline.com/inspiration-from-mid-century-modern-kitchens/